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Flying Cars in 2017: Check Out these Stunning Models Set to be Released (Photos)

Posted on Fri 24th Feb, 2017 - --- (0 comments)
Flying cars no longer exist in the imagination of technologists across the world, as they are already being brought to reality. - Continue reading →

Shocking! Pretty Lady Shares Video of the Bizarre Moment Her iPhone 7 Burnt and Exploded (Photos)

Posted on Fri 24th Feb, 2017 - --- (0 comments)
Apple Inc. the makers of one of the world's most luxurious smart phones, iPhone, has been shamed after a lady shared the shocking moment when her phone burnt and exploded. - Continue reading →

The Nokia 3310 Makes Comeback with 41 Megapixels Camera

Posted on Thu 23rd Feb, 2017 - --- (0 comments)
At the time when we thought Nokia was losing its stake in the smartphone market, the company indeed has caught many by the wind. - Continue reading →

Nollywood Gone Hi-Tech: Watch This Thrilling Boko Haram-inspired Explosion Scenes from New Movie (Videos)

Posted on Wed 22nd Feb, 2017 - --- (0 comments)
Nollywood special effect expert, Hakeem Onilogbo, popularly known as Hakeen Effect, has revealed new methods of making Nollywood movie effects more realistic. - Continue reading →

YouTube to Finally Stop Its 'Annoying' 30-second Ads in 2018

Posted on Mon 20th Feb, 2017 - --- (0 comments)
Many people might be making sighs of relief as YouTube has reportedly decided to end its annoying advertisement before every video. - Continue reading →

Modern Technology: China Builds and Unveils World's First 7.6kms of Bicycle Path in the Air (Photos)

Posted on Thu 16th Feb, 2017 - --- (0 comments)
China has once again shown why they are world power in modern technology as they have unveiled the world's first bicycle path in air. - Continue reading →

FG Bans Open Registration of SIM Cards

Posted on Thu 16th Feb, 2017 - --- (0 comments)
The Federal Government has made a fresh announcement concerning the registration of sim cards by telecommunication companies. - Continue reading →

Incredible! How a Hospital Conducted 3 Advanced V*gina Reconstruction Surgeries in Sokoto

Posted on Wed 15th Feb, 2017 - --- (0 comments)
An advanced v*gina reconstruction surgeries on three women with Vesico Vaginal Fistula (VVF), have been successfully carried out at a hospital in Nigeria. - Continue reading →

Dutch Company, Pal-V, Launches First Commercial Flying Car

Posted on Wed 15th Feb, 2017 - --- (0 comments)
Flying cars are not only going to be existing in human thoughts again but also in reality as an European company has launched the new technological breakthrough. - Continue reading →

Get Ready for a Nostalgia Overload as Nokia is Set to Re-launch the Most Loved 3310 Phone Model...See Details

Posted on Wed 15th Feb, 2017 - --- (0 comments)
Is Nokia bringing back the popular 3310 phone model? Reports suggest the much-loved retro device could be re-released this month at the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona. - Continue reading →

Be Very Careful! These are 5 Ways Your Tech Gadgets May Be Seriously Affecting Your Health

Posted on Wed 15th Feb, 2017 - --- (0 comments)
It is almost impossible to find any young person at any point in time without a tech gadget these days. However, these gadgets may actually be causing more harm than good. - Continue reading →

Young Genius! 16-year-old Boy Invents Cooking Stove Which Uses Battery, Charcoal in Anambra (Photos)

Posted on Mon 13th Feb, 2017 - --- (0 comments)
In yet another incredible good news which emerged online and is making rounds on social media, a very young boy has brought a solution in his state with his latest invention. - Continue reading →

Locally Made Vehicle Spotted in Enugu... See Photos

Posted on Mon 13th Feb, 2017 - --- (0 comments)
Savage comments have trailed a locally-made vehicle assembled in the South-eastern part of Nigerian and currently used for transportation. - Continue reading →

Check Out 5 Most Loved Car Brands in the World (Photos)

Posted on Mon 06th Feb, 2017 - --- (0 comments)
This is a shortlist of the most demanded car brands across the world as car lovers long for their products in the automobile market. - Continue reading →

Incredible! 13-year-old Nigerian Boy Builds Fan That Lasts Up to 19Hours Without Electricity (Photos)

Posted on Mon 06th Feb, 2017 - --- (0 comments)
One of the youngest upcoming tech entrepreneurs in the world has been discovered right here in Nigeria as a 13-year-old has built a battery-operated fan. - Continue reading →

Unbelievable! See Photos of a Multi-million Naira Ferrari Car Abandoned in Ibadan

Posted on Sat 28th Jan, 2017 - --- (0 comments)
A car mechanic, Tunde Onakoya has published photos of a highly-priced Ferrari car running into about $2.5 million rotting away at a mechanic's workshop at Agodi, Ibadan, Oyo State. - Continue reading →

Unless You Follow These Simple Steps, Your Smartphone Can Be HACKED by Nasty Thieves Compromising Valuable Information

Posted on Wed 25th Jan, 2017 - --- (0 comments)
Using security patterns on your phone could be even more riskier than you may think as thieves have become more intelligent. - Continue reading →

Omg! You Won't Believe What a Jealous Boyfriend Did After Catching a Boy Flirting With His Girlfriend

Posted on Wed 25th Jan, 2017 - --- (0 comments)
A young man who got really enraged after catching another person flirting with his girlfriend has caused commotion in his fury. - Continue reading →

Internet Users Decline by 536,346 Subscribers in December

Posted on Tue 24th Jan, 2017 - --- (0 comments)
The current economic squeeze in Nigeria seems to be affecting the number of internet users in the country as citizens are prioritizing food over data usage. - Continue reading →

Why the Galaxy Note 7 Phones Often Catch Fire - Samsung Releases Revealing Statement

Posted on Mon 23rd Jan, 2017 - --- (0 comments)
Samsug has finally given an explanation into what actually happened after many Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones caught fire while in use. - Continue reading →