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Must Read: Seven Important Tips to Keep Your WhatsApp Chats Private and Safe

Posted on Fri 20th Jan, 2017 - --- (0 comments)
WhatsApp is probably one of the most used apps on any smartphone. And for the right reasons, it is a great communication tool and works well even with relatively slower connections. - Continue reading →

Dead Bodies to Be Frozen Then Woken Up: The Details Behind This Futuristic Science Will Shock You

Posted on Thu 19th Jan, 2017 - --- (0 comments)
Science which has indeed taken over our contemporary world is set to move towards making groundbreaking innovations in Cryonics study. - Continue reading →

Cooking with Kerosene Dangerous for Pregnant Women - New Study Reveals

Posted on Thu 19th Jan, 2017 - --- (0 comments)
A new study conducted in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital, has made a shocking new revelation on married woman especially the pregnant ones. - Continue reading →

Check Out First Smartphone Application for Microsurgery Monitoring

Posted on Thu 19th Jan, 2017 - --- (0 comments)
A medical phone application has been designed to attend to the health conditions of human beings. - Continue reading →

Wow! Checkout 6 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With Your Smartphone - You Won't Believe No. 4

Posted on Fri 13th Jan, 2017 - --- (0 comments)
Although many people own one or more smartphones, not everyone knows about some of the really special things it can be used for. - Continue reading →

China Debuts Beautiful Female Robot that Communicates with Human Beings (Photos)

Posted on Tue 10th Jan, 2017 - --- (0 comments)
Chinese engineers have continued to improve on the Jia Jia project as the robot recently identified with human beings and responded to simple conversations during an exhibition. - Continue reading →

In the Near Future, Your Car Will Not Just Drive You, It Will Get to KNOW YOU... See Stunning Details

Posted on Tue 10th Jan, 2017 - --- (0 comments)
In what will come across as a really exiting development, future automotive technology have been revealed to be really explosive. - Continue reading →

First Bank Increases Mobile App Transaction Limit To N1 Million

Posted on Mon 09th Jan, 2017 - --- (0 comments)
To ease the increased spate of financial transactions in Nigeria, First Bank Plc has stepped up its mobile transaction limit for the New Year. - Continue reading →

4 Easy Ways to Revive and Save a Wet Phone

Posted on Sat 07th Jan, 2017 - --- (0 comments)
Common domestic accidents have seen people lose their smartphones in water overtime but quick solutions to the problem have emerged. - Continue reading →

Wow! Checkout this Device That Lets You Charge Your Phone on the Go Using the Energy from Your Own Body

Posted on Thu 05th Jan, 2017 - --- (0 comments)
A new and really stunning technological invention has been made which allows people to power their phones with energy from their bodies. - Continue reading →

Magic! Meet Kissenger, The Smartphone Accessory That Lets You Kiss Your Partner Even if You're Far Apart

Posted on Thu 05th Jan, 2017 - --- (0 comments)
A new technological innovation has emerged which allows people to kiss their partners even if they are far away from each other. - Continue reading →

18-Year-Old Student In Oyo Develops Alarm Footmat, Solar-Powered Mower & Grinder (Photos)

Posted on Wed 04th Jan, 2017 - --- (0 comments)
Nigeria could have a bright future in the development of cutting edge technology if people like this talented head are encouraged. - Continue reading →

Top 4 Solutions to Common Mobile Network Issues Faced in Nigeria

Posted on Thu 22nd Dec, 2016 - --- (0 comments)
Have you ever found yourself in a dire situation where you need to make a super urgent call but your phone network will just not connect or it connects but you cannot hear the person, vice versa? - Continue reading →

Facebook Founder, Mark Zuckerberg Baffles the World with New Artificial Intelligence (Video)

Posted on Wed 21st Dec, 2016 - --- (0 comments)
World's 6th richest man, Mark Zuckerberg has developed a rare artificial intelligence in the course of the deal to assist him at home. - Continue reading →

Incredible! Nigerian Man Who Makes Drones for US Army Bags His 6th Masters Degree, Set for his 7th and 4th PhD (Photos)

Posted on Thu 15th Dec, 2016 - --- (0 comments)
Osato Osemwengie, a Nigerian who builds drones for the United States of America Army, bags his 6th Masters degree, and set for his 7th Masters and 4th PhD. - Continue reading →

3 Simple Ways to Help You Identify Original Android Phone from a Fake One

Posted on Thu 08th Dec, 2016 - --- (0 comments)
Before going ahead to buy that dream phone, you need to read this so as not to be duped into buying a fake phone. - Continue reading →

To All Phone Lovers: 5 Reasons Why Nigerians Should Ditch Their Blackberry Phones This December

Posted on Thu 08th Dec, 2016 - --- (0 comments)
Nigerians are known for their great love for smartphones especially blackberries. However, new reasons why they have to ditch the famous mobile brand have emerged. - Continue reading →

Luxury Car Brand, Rolls-Royce Releases First SUV (Photo)

Posted on Wed 07th Dec, 2016 - --- (0 comments)
Rolls-Royce has released images of the development vehicle used for its upcoming SUV, featuring the company's first all-wheel drive system. - Continue reading →

Impossible! Scientist Creates Battery That Can Power Smartphones for 12 Years Without Recharging

Posted on Wed 07th Dec, 2016 - --- (0 comments)
A scientist has allegedly designed a stunning new kind of batteries that can unbelievably power smartphones for several years at a time. - Continue reading →

Incredible! See What a 16-year-old Boy Constructed in Aba (Photos)

Posted on Tue 06th Dec, 2016 - --- (0 comments)
A 16-year-old boy in Aba, Abia State, has constructed a prototype lamp for people living around his environment who are traders. - Continue reading →