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Everyone Wanted To Date Me When I Joined Nollywood — Bukola Ojo (Sassy) Reveals

Posted by Samuel on Sun 16th May, 2021 -

Nigerian actress, Bukola Ojo, has talked about her life and career in this thrilling interview with The PUNCH.

 Bukola Ojo


I had an interesting childhood till my father passed on. After that, things were quite difficult for me and my siblings. It was so hard to feed because my mum was a full time housewife. However, we were able to pull through. God came through for us and all of us are doing fine now in our various endeavours. It was a major phase of my life I would not forget easily though.


For my elementary education, I attended Zion International Nursery and Primary School in Ibadan, Oyo State. I went on to Ikolaba High School, also in Ibadan. For my university education, I attended Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ogun State.


The first movie I acted in was titled, Ewon Laafin, produced by Jaiye Kuti. It was an indelible experience in my acting career. It was a good starting point that created other opportunities for me.


My mother is my number one fan. She supports my career 100 per cent, and she is always encouraging me.


In the course of one wanting to become popular as an actor, it is easy to become desperate. However, over the years, I have learnt not to be desperate to get a role. As long as I keep working, honing my skills and getting better, I believe that my big break would come. If one gets a role in desperation, one would need that same level of desperation to sustain it. I am of the firm belief that one’s time would definitely come, against all odds.


As a beautiful lady, everyone wanted to date me when I started my career. I had to make it known to them that I joined the industry to pursue my passion and not for relationships.

Another challenge I faced was getting roles and travelling frequently; as our job requires that.


My face gets me the most attention. People tell me I have a beautiful face.


I am drawn to a man who is ambitious, sincere, calm and handsome.


The industry does not really pay well. However, I have my side business to make up for what the industry is not paying. If not for passion, most people I know would have left the industry. It is advisable for one to have a side hustle in order to be able to fill the vacuum and make ends meet.


I am usually careful about the roles I accept to play because people perceive one based on that. Right now, erotic roles are my limit. I cannot go beyond that.

As much as money is important, I always pay attention to the storyline before agreeing to feature in any movie. I would not want to appear in a film that I would not be proud of years later.

There are so many roles I would love to play (but I’ve not had the opportunity yet). I like roles that would make me discover a new side of me. I would particularly love to play the role of a psychopath.


I don’t believe in love at first sight. But, I believe in attraction at first sight. It is possible to be attracted to someone one is meeting for the first time based on some factors. However, saying one is in love with someone one is just meeting is erroneous.


I cannot quit acting for anyone. If I have to quit acting, it would be on my own terms. It would be my decision to take, not a decision prompted by someone else.


Fame has not really robbed me of anything. I am still like the girl-next-door. It would surprise many to know that I look flamboyant and glamorous but I am an indoor person. It is easy for me to stay indoors, even when I am not working.


One embarrassing moment I had with a fan was the day I went to a market in Lagos and a certain guy touched me inappropriately. I was shocked. But, he said, “Actress, I am a fan of yours.


I believe in having other streams of income aside from acting. So, I run a food business. I also have an event planning company, as well as a bridal wear and rental business. I am constantly working towards having financial freedom.


Because I am in the limelight, many people assume that I am always ‘out there’. People find it hard to believe that I am an introvert. I could be all by myself at home for a considerable length of time.


I have never been sexually harassed. I avoid putting myself in desperate situations that might lead to being sexually harassed.


I have never thought of going under the knife. I know God created me in a wonderful way. There is no need for me to go for a surgery to enhance any part of my body. However, I don’t have issues with people who do it to enhance their self-esteem or boost their self confidence. But, for me, it is not something I would consider.


We all have one form of regret or the other about certain parts of our lives. However, I don’t dwell on the past. I rather focus on what’s next and what the future holds.


I can never go naked in the name of fashion. It is something I would never contemplate or dare.

My dressing is usually dependent on how I am feeling at any point in time. However, most times, I love to keep it simple, classy and casual.


Source: The PUNCH

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