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Unbelievable Story Of Woman Who Cut Off Her Mother's Head And Shoved It Into Cooking Pot

Posted on Wed 14th Sep, 2022 - --- (0 comments)
Tugce Sayin, 35, is accused of butchering her mum Sevilay Palabiyik and stripping the flesh from her legs inside the family home in Istanbul. - Continue reading →

Story Of 21-Year-Old Man Who Ended Up In A Coma After Being Stung By Raging Bees 20,000 Times

Posted on Thu 01st Sep, 2022 - --- (0 comments)
Austin Bellamy had been trimming a lemon tree when he unknowingly sliced open a bee hive, causing thousands of furious African killer bees to swarm around his head, neck, and shoulders. - Continue reading →

Horror As Groom-To-Be Is Killed By Lightning While Posing For Photoshoot With His Fiancée (Photo)

Posted on Sun 28th Aug, 2022 - --- (0 comments)
The tragedy happened on Wednesday at China's Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in the Yunnan province. - Continue reading →

Man Slashes His Own Throat Live On Facebook After Being Confronted By Paedophile Hunters

Posted on Sat 27th Aug, 2022 - --- (0 comments)
The 55-year-old was rushed to hospital before being arrested by cops on suspicion of grooming a child under 14 and possession of a bladed article. - Continue reading →

Unbelievable: Tattooed Model Aiming To Be The World's First Genderless Dragon Splits Her Tongue (Photos)

Posted on Fri 26th Aug, 2022 - --- (0 comments)
Now, Taimat regularly shares updates on their journey and has attempted to freak out fans with a video where they wiggle their split tongue around like a reptile. - Continue reading →

Unbelievable! Check Out Photos Of The Baby Who Was Born With Four Arms And Four Legs

Posted on Tue 05th Jul, 2022 - --- (0 comments)
The baby sparked disbelief throughout India after being born with an extra pair of legs and arms. - Continue reading →

Army Officer Rushed To Hospital With A S*x Toy Stuck In Her Private Part

Posted on Thu 03rd Mar, 2022 - --- (0 comments)
The army officer was filmed lying in a hospital bed after a self-love session with a lavender-colored vibrator went horribly wrong. - Continue reading →

Unbelievable! Parents And Siblings Of Newlywed Groom Die Just Hours After Wedding

Posted on Sun 05th Dec, 2021 - --- (0 comments)
The accident, it was gathered, occurred at the tollgate along Glory Land drive in the Igbogene axis of Yenagoa, Bayelsa State. - Continue reading →

Shock As Woman Strolls Through An Airport Wearing Just A Bikini And Face Mask (Photos)

Posted on Sat 04th Sep, 2021 - --- (0 comments)
She actually walled through the airport wearing just a bikini and carrying a backpack. - Continue reading →

Shocking! Prisoners 'Cut Out Paedophile's Heart With Toothbrush, Stuff His P*nis In His Mouth'

Posted on Sat 21st Aug, 2021 - --- (0 comments)
Convicted paedo Alex Sandro de Souze Mota, was found dead by prison guards on the floor of his cell with his heart removed and his penis stuffed in his mouth. - Continue reading →

How Four Young Divers Found No Way Out Of A 'Bottomless' Hole And Drowned In Darkness

Posted on Fri 09th Jul, 2021 - --- (0 comments)
The deadly 'Shaft' was discovered by complete fluke after a confused farmer in 1938 checked why his horse had suddenly tripped up in a field. - Continue reading →

Meet The Man With 'World's Longest Tongue' Who Can Lick His One Elbow (Photos)

Posted on Thu 08th Jul, 2021 - --- (0 comments)
Praveen, from Tamil Nadu, earned a spot in India’s Book of Records after stretching his tongue to a whopping 10.8cm. - Continue reading →

Shocking! 11 People Die After Drinking Toxic Rice Wine At Funeral

Posted on Sun 04th Jul, 2021 - --- (0 comments)
A police officer said this on Sunday as the incident adds to to the kingdom’s growing recent death toll from unsafe homemade alcohol. - Continue reading →

Meet Lang, The Real-Life Tarzan Who Lived For 41 Years In The Jungle And Ate Rats' Heads (Photos)

Posted on Fri 25th Jun, 2021 - --- (0 comments)
Ho Van Lang, 49, now lives with his father in a small Vietnamese village eight years after they "escaped" their isolated life in the jungle. - Continue reading →

Man Who Died For 20 Minutes Says He Left His Body But Was Told 'It's Not Your Time' In Clouds

Posted on Fri 25th Jun, 2021 - --- (0 comments)
Scott, now in his late 60s, fought back tears as he recalled the moment he watched the nurse running from the operating theatre screaming: “I killed him!” - Continue reading →

Unbelievable! Man Finds Out That His 'Son' Is Actually His Uncle After His Girlfriend's Fling With His Granddad

Posted on Thu 24th Jun, 2021 - --- (0 comments)
In a harrowing series of TikTok videos, user @stacks1400 said he and his girlfriend were living with his granddad when he found evidence of an affair on her phone. - Continue reading →

Unbelievable! Artist Sells Imaginary Sculpture That Doesn't Exist For A Staggering £13,000

Posted on Sat 29th May, 2021 - --- (0 comments)
The work, entitled 'I am', comes with some strict rules about how it’s to be stored and displayed. - Continue reading →

Meet The Woman Who Didn't Know She Was Pregnant Until She Gave Birth Into The Toilet Bowl (Photos)

Posted on Wed 07th Apr, 2021 - --- (0 comments)
Melissa Surgecoff, 38, gave birth to a baby boy into her toilet bowl at home after feeling something ‘rush’ out of her. - Continue reading →

Walk Of Shame! You Won't Believe What This Man Did After Being Caught Cheating On HIs Wife

Posted on Fri 02nd Apr, 2021 - --- (0 comments)
According to the files, the suspect referenced Adam and Eve from the Bible, and said he was willing to go to jail for his acts. - Continue reading →

Shocking Story Of Woman Who Allegedly Killed Her Boyfriend Then Put His Body Parts Inside Fridge

Posted on Fri 19th Mar, 2021 - --- (0 comments)
Anna Vinokurova is alleged to have lived with the gruesome remains of her dead boyfriend Evgeny for eight days before moving the fridge to another area. - Continue reading →

Shocker! Father Cuts Off 17-Year-Old Daughter's Head And Carries It Through The Streets (Video)

Posted on Fri 05th Mar, 2021 - --- (0 comments)
Residents spotted Sarvesh Kumar walking with the head in the Indian village of Pandetara, Uttar Pradesh yesterday. - Continue reading →

Unbelievable Story Of Woman Who Plucked Out Her Boyfriend's Eyes And Stuffed Him In Freezer

Posted on Thu 04th Mar, 2021 - --- (0 comments)
Prosecutors said Swinhoe had plundered £2,600 between the time Mr McMahon went missing and the discovery of his body. - Continue reading →

Wow! Woman Who Didn't Know She Was Pregnant Gives Birth In Car Park As Dad Worked Inside

Posted on Wed 24th Feb, 2021 - --- (0 comments)
Paramedics who had been taking her to a maternity ward were forced to stop at the store where her sister Kate also works in Pwllheli, Wales. - Continue reading →

Unbelievable Story Of Man Who Ran Off With His Girlfriend's Mother After The Birth Of His Son

Posted on Fri 19th Feb, 2021 - --- (0 comments)
Jess Aldridge, 24, was expecting her second child with boyfriend Ryan Shelton, 29, when the pair decided to form a support bubble with her mother. - Continue reading →

Unbelievable! Man Turns His Dead Uncle's Bones Into Electric Guitar After Digging Him Up From Grave

Posted on Thu 11th Feb, 2021 - --- (0 comments)
Rocker Yaago Anax, who goes by the stage name Prince Midnight, said bringing his uncle back to life in the form of an instrument was the perfect tribute. - Continue reading →

500-level Law Student Crushed To Death By Dangote Truck, Family Members Demand for Justice (Photo)

Posted on Wed 03rd Feb, 2021 - --- (0 comments)
The family members of a 500-Level student of Law crushed to death by a Dangote truck are demanding for justice. - Continue reading →

Unbelievable Story Of 2-Year-Old Boy Who Was Strangled To Death And Thrown Inside Oven By His Grandparents

Posted on Sat 19th Dec, 2020 - --- (0 comments)
The grandparents, aged 52 and 48, were both ‘heavily drunk’ as they became irritated with the little boy’s tears, Plohie Novosti reports. - Continue reading →

Meet the Woman Who Dated And Married A Briefcase After Five Years (Photos)

Posted on Wed 16th Dec, 2020 - --- (0 comments)
A woman has finally married a briefcase he fell in love with after dating for 5 years. - Continue reading →

Shocker! 59-Year-Old Man Discovers He Forgot A Metal Coin Inside His Nose For 53 Years (Photos)

Posted on Thu 03rd Dec, 2020 - --- (0 comments)
For over 50 years, the 59-year-old suffered serious nose breathing difficulties because of a coin he had shoved up his nose as a child and forgot about over the years. - Continue reading →

Shocker! Mother 'Scalds Her Own Son To Death In Hot Bath Then Used His Death To Beg For Cash On Facebook'

Posted on Wed 02nd Dec, 2020 - --- (0 comments)
Dominque was rushed to hospital with burns covering 47% of his body, and died on November 14 after being transferred to Arkansas Children’s Hospital for specialist treatment. - Continue reading →