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Dolphin Caught In Odi, Bayelsa State (Photos)

Posted on Fri 14th Jun, 2019 - --- (0 comments)
An endangered specie of animal which resides in the water body has been killed by locals which wandered around them. - Continue reading →

Shock As Mysterious Creature That Looks Like Harry Potter's Elf Is Seen In Woman's Driveway (Video)

Posted on Thu 13th Jun, 2019 - --- (0 comments)
A rather weird creature which looks like one of the characters from Harry Porter has been spotted in a woman's driveway. - Continue reading →

Man Selling His Wares In Traffic Crushed To Death By A Trailer In Kaduna

Posted on Wed 05th Jun, 2019 - --- (0 comments)
The body of the unlucky trader has since been evacuated from the road and deposited in a morgue. - Continue reading →

Enugu Community Where Pregnant Women Are Taken To Hospital In Wheelbarrows

Posted on Sat 01st Jun, 2019 - --- (0 comments)
The Gabon camp in Enugu is a settlement with no access road; health facility, either owned by government or private; no potable water; school or electricity. - Continue reading →

Tragedy In Cross River As Torrential Rain Sweeps Teenage Boy

Posted on Wed 22nd May, 2019 - --- (0 comments)
Okon narrated that the boy was playing football with his friends when their ball was kicked into the drain. - Continue reading →

Ants Allegedly Sting Two Babies To Death In Cross River Hospital

Posted on Tue 21st May, 2019 - --- (0 comments)
Findings revealed that the mother had a pre-term labour, this was after she fought with her neighbor in their compound. - Continue reading →

Family In Deep Shock As 52-year-old Man Starts Crying Bloody Tears Spontaneously

Posted on Wed 15th May, 2019 - --- (0 comments)
In what will come across as a really shocking development, a man has started to cry bloody tears, stunning everyone. - Continue reading →

True Story Of A Man Who Survived Without Eating For 382 Days (Photo)

Posted on Fri 26th Apr, 2019 - --- (0 comments)
The bizarre story has been told of the man who survived without eating for as many as 382 whole days. - Continue reading →

Shocker: Huge Anaconda Crossing A Road Causes Major Traffic (Photos+Video)

Posted on Fri 26th Apr, 2019 - --- (0 comments)
A huge reptile was which could have made the next meal in Nigeria was given utmost respect in far South America. - Continue reading →

OAU Extra-Year Student Commits Suicide Over Repeated Courses

Posted on Tue 23rd Apr, 2019 - --- (0 comments)
The deceased took his outstanding courses in the last academic session 2017/2018 but it was gathered that he didn't get up to the required pass mark to bid the said courses farewell. - Continue reading →

Man Commits Suicide In Bayelsa After Being Dumped By His Girlfriend (Graphic Photo)

Posted on Tue 23rd Apr, 2019 - --- (0 comments)
The brother said that the deceased had suffered depression following the break-up, adding that no one knew when sneaked out to commit suicide. - Continue reading →

Benue Man Commits Suicide On Easter Sunday (Graphic Photos)

Posted on Mon 22nd Apr, 2019 - --- (0 comments)
A young man from the middlebelt area who became tired of life decided to end it in a gruesome way. - Continue reading →

Horror! Woman Swallows 5-Inch Spoon While Trying To Use It To Remove Bone From Her Throat

Posted on Fri 19th Apr, 2019 - --- (0 comments)
A woman has ended up swallowing a 5-inch spoon while she was trying to use it to remove a bone from her throat. - Continue reading →

Groom Absconds From His Wedding In Kano, Claims He Was Kidnapped!

Posted on Tue 09th Apr, 2019 - --- (0 comments)
A husband-to-be who seemed unsure of the readiness of his marriage reportedly disappeared into the thin air to obstruct the process. - Continue reading →

The Shocking Story Of Woman Who Kept Dead Babies Hidden Inside Wardrobe For 20 Years (Photos)

Posted on Mon 08th Apr, 2019 - --- (0 comments)
The story has been told of the woman who hid dead babies inside her wardrobe for as many as 20 years. - Continue reading →

Unbelievable! This Old Man Has Not Had A Haircut In Over 54 Years...See How Long His Hair Is (Photos)

Posted on Tue 02nd Apr, 2019 - --- (0 comments)
An old man has been found out to have not had a haircut in over 54 years, a development which has left his hair overgrown. - Continue reading →

Unbelievable! Meet The Woman Who Does Not Feel Pain Because Of A Rare Genetic Mutation (Photos)

Posted on Mon 01st Apr, 2019 - --- (0 comments)
A woman has been found out to be unable to feel any pain because of a rare genetic mutation she has. - Continue reading →

Unbelievable! Meet The Brothers Who Live And Drive Around With A Lion Called Simba (Photos)

Posted on Fri 29th Mar, 2019 - --- (0 comments)
Two brothers have been found out to be living with a lion which they even drive around town with some times. - Continue reading →

Nigerian Man Finds Deadly Cobra In Bedroom (Photos)

Posted on Tue 19th Mar, 2019 - --- (0 comments)
This Nigerian man who has shared his story on social media is glad to be alive after coming face to face with a deadly reptile in his room. - Continue reading →

3,000 Chickens 'Gang Up' To Kill Intruder Fox On French Farm

Posted on Wed 13th Mar, 2019 - --- (0 comments)
The body of the small fox which invaded a poultry farm was found the following day in a corner of the coop. - Continue reading →