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The Unbelievable Story Of Woman Who Gave Birth To Twins Eleven Weeks Apart (Video)

Posted on Wed 21st Aug, 2019 - --- (0 comments)
The story has been told of the woman who stunned everyone by giving birth to twins at eleven weeks apart. - Continue reading →

Unbelievable! 13-year-old Boy Hangs Himself After Finding Out His Crush Has A Boyfriend

Posted on Wed 21st Aug, 2019 - --- (0 comments)
In what will come across as a really shocking development, a very young boy has killed himself over a girl. - Continue reading →

So Heartbreaking: Man Commits Suicide 2 Days After Wedding

Posted on Thu 15th Aug, 2019 - --- (0 comments)
A young man who got married to his wife in a colourful manner has taken his own life in just 48hrs after the ceremony. - Continue reading →

Rich Lagos-based Banker Commits Suicide, Writes Chilling Letter To Wife

Posted on Mon 12th Aug, 2019 - --- (0 comments)
Days after posting a cryptic message on Facebook, banker commits suicide with a touching letter written to his wife. - Continue reading →

The Weird Way My Boyfriend Sleeps With Me - Girl Breaks Internet With Romance Story

Posted on Fri 09th Aug, 2019 - --- (0 comments)
Several ladies are presently been abused by their boyfriends all in the name of s*x or lovemaking and this proves it. - Continue reading →

Shocking Story Of Nigerian Man Who Had S*x With Sister For 9 Years, Impregnated Her Twice

Posted on Thu 08th Aug, 2019 - --- (0 comments)
This young man, 25 claims to have fallen in love with his sister whom he deflowered and also impregnated two twice. - Continue reading →

Unbelievable! How Woman Kept Her Mother's Dead Body Inside Their Home For Three Years

Posted on Thu 25th Jul, 2019 - --- (0 comments)
A woman has been found out to have kept her mother's dead body inside their home for as many as three years. - Continue reading →

Abuja Airport Flooded, Flights To Nation's Capital Cancelled (Video)

Posted on Thu 25th Jul, 2019 - --- (0 comments)
It was gathered that all morning flights to Abuja from most of the nation's airports have been cancelled due to bad weather. - Continue reading →

Unbelievable! Meet The Man Who Has Not Cut Or Washed His Hair In 40 Years (Video)

Posted on Sun 21st Jul, 2019 - --- (0 comments)
The story has been told of the man who has not washed or even cut his hair for the past 40 years. - Continue reading →

Shocker! Doctors Remove 33 Objects Including Razor Blades And Screwdriver From A Man's Stomach

Posted on Thu 18th Jul, 2019 - --- (0 comments)
Several objects including razor blades and a screwdriver have been found inside a man's stomach by doctors. - Continue reading →

How I Caught My Housemaid Doing This Sexual Thing To My Son

Posted on Tue 16th Jul, 2019 - --- (0 comments)
A man has taken to a public forum to share who his housemaid was sexually-molesting his underage male child. - Continue reading →

APGA National Chairman, Victor Oye Loses Daughter

Posted on Sun 14th Jul, 2019 - --- (0 comments)
The statement also disclosed that her remains had been deposited at a morgue in Lagos, pending when burial plans are put in place. - Continue reading →

Horror: See Make-Up Pictures That Has Got People Laughing And Rolling On The Floor

Posted on Tue 25th Jun, 2019 - --- (0 comments)
These make-up pictures uploaded online by the sister of a disatified customer has been cracking people up on social media. - Continue reading →

Unbelievable Story Of Woman Who Had A Surgical Clamp Lodged Inside Her Abdomen For 23 Years

Posted on Fri 21st Jun, 2019 - --- (0 comments)
The story has been told of a woman who had a surgical clamp lodged right inside her abdomen for as many as 23 years after a surgery. - Continue reading →

Dolphin Caught In Odi, Bayelsa State (Photos)

Posted on Fri 14th Jun, 2019 - --- (0 comments)
An endangered specie of animal which resides in the water body has been killed by locals which wandered around them. - Continue reading →

Shock As Mysterious Creature That Looks Like Harry Potter's Elf Is Seen In Woman's Driveway (Video)

Posted on Thu 13th Jun, 2019 - --- (0 comments)
A rather weird creature which looks like one of the characters from Harry Porter has been spotted in a woman's driveway. - Continue reading →

Man Selling His Wares In Traffic Crushed To Death By A Trailer In Kaduna

Posted on Wed 05th Jun, 2019 - --- (0 comments)
The body of the unlucky trader has since been evacuated from the road and deposited in a morgue. - Continue reading →

Enugu Community Where Pregnant Women Are Taken To Hospital In Wheelbarrows

Posted on Sat 01st Jun, 2019 - --- (0 comments)
The Gabon camp in Enugu is a settlement with no access road; health facility, either owned by government or private; no potable water; school or electricity. - Continue reading →

Tragedy In Cross River As Torrential Rain Sweeps Teenage Boy

Posted on Wed 22nd May, 2019 - --- (0 comments)
Okon narrated that the boy was playing football with his friends when their ball was kicked into the drain. - Continue reading →

Ants Allegedly Sting Two Babies To Death In Cross River Hospital

Posted on Tue 21st May, 2019 - --- (0 comments)
Findings revealed that the mother had a pre-term labour, this was after she fought with her neighbor in their compound. - Continue reading →