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Facebook Opens First African Technology Hub In Nigeria, To Empower 50,000 With Digital Training

Posted on Thu 24th May, 2018 - --- (0 comments)
Social technological giant, Facebook, has made history after it launch the first African technology firm in Nigeria, and are set to train and empower 50,000 Nigerians. - Continue reading →

Check Out This Nigeria-Made Mobile Mechanic Truck (Photos)

Posted on Wed 16th May, 2018 - --- (0 comments)
It has always been emphasized that Nigeria is not only blessed with vast natural resources but also human resources with the quality that could transform the nation. - Continue reading →

New Photo Of Superstar Rapper, Ruggedman With BBNaija Stars, Tobi And Rico Swavey

Posted on Wed 16th May, 2018 - --- (0 comments)
Popular Nigerian rapper, Rugged Man has been spotted in the same photo with BBNaija stars, Tobi and Rico Swavey. - Continue reading →

Facebook Closes 583 Million Fake Accounts

Posted on Wed 16th May, 2018 - --- (0 comments)
Millions of fake accounts used to perpetrate unscrupulous activities have been taken down on Facebook as part of efforts to make the platform safer for use. - Continue reading →

Cambridge Analytica: Facebook Suspends 200 Apps Over Misuse Of Data

Posted on Tue 15th May, 2018 - --- (0 comments)
Facebook has sanctioned 200 applications in the light of the Cambridge Analytical scandal where the data of millions of people was stolen. - Continue reading →

26 Unusual Vehicle Wheels And Tyres Spotted On Roads (Photos)

Posted on Thu 10th May, 2018 - --- (0 comments)
These are amazing pictures of tyres of automobiles that have been designed to grace the roads at one point or the other. - Continue reading →

See The Car A Nigerian Manufactured For N80,000 (Photos)

Posted on Wed 09th May, 2018 - --- (0 comments)
As it has always been emphasized earlier, Nigeria is blessed with both vast human and natural resources but the problem is how to harness them. - Continue reading →

So Presidential: Vladimir Putin Rides In New Russian-Made Limo After Swearing-in (Photos)

Posted on Tue 08th May, 2018 - --- (0 comments)
Vladimir Putin rode in an exotic locally-made limousine after he was sworn-in despite the initial heavy protest by opposition leader, Alexei Navalny. - Continue reading →

'Transhumanist' Opens Up On How He Modified His Entire Body To Evolve With Technology & Time (Photos)

Posted on Thu 26th Apr, 2018 - --- (0 comments)
A transhumanist who has gone through hundreds of body modifications since he was 18-years of age to evolve with technology and time, has opened up on his reasons. - Continue reading →

How A Police Officer Abducted And Impregnated Our 16-Year-Old Sister - Lagos Family Cries Out

Posted on Thu 26th Apr, 2018 - --- (0 comments)
A Lagos family has cried out after a police officer reportedly abducted and impregnated their 16-year-old sister. - Continue reading →

Incredible! Young Man Develops System That Produces Electricity From Road Traffic (Photos)

Posted on Thu 26th Apr, 2018 - --- (0 comments)
A young man has developed a vehicle energy harvesting system that produces electricity from road traffic, and it has led to him winning the South Africa Chivas Venture award. - Continue reading →

Wow! Man Spotted Riding A Bicycle Taller Than Most Cars On Lagos Road (Photos)

Posted on Tue 24th Apr, 2018 - --- (0 comments)
The photos of a young man captured on camera riding a bicycle which was visibly taller than most cars in the commercial city of Lagos, have emerged online. - Continue reading →

Man Invents Machine That Uses Bucket Of Water To Charge Mobile Phones (Photos)

Posted on Mon 23rd Apr, 2018 - --- (0 comments)
Nigerians are very innovative despite the stifling conditions that mitigate against success and individual progress in the country. - Continue reading →

Top 10 Reasons Your Phone Battery Dies So Quickly

Posted on Mon 23rd Apr, 2018 - --- (0 comments)
Most smartphones die quickly due to some unconscious handling done by the user of such devices leading to complaints and discomfort. - Continue reading →

Shocker: Robots Will Outnumber Human Beings And Rise To 9.4 Billion In 30 Years - Expert Makes New Claim

Posted on Mon 23rd Apr, 2018 - --- (0 comments)
A new claim has been made by an expert, insinuating that robots will actually outnumber human beings in 30 years. - Continue reading →

Meet 33-year-old Nigerian Entrepreneur Who Has Built A $3Million EdTech Company (Photo)

Posted on Thu 19th Apr, 2018 - --- (0 comments)
Forbes magazine has interviewed a young Nigerian entrepreneur who has successfully built a digital education technology company that is currently worth $3million. His story will motivate and inspire you. - Continue reading →

You Can Now Recover Deleted Files And Images From WhatsApp...This Is How

Posted on Tue 17th Apr, 2018 - --- (0 comments)
Users of WhatsApp on Android can now recover deleted files - videos, pictures, documents - deleted from the app. - Continue reading →

Two Nigerian Young Men Invent Machine That Washes Bitter Leaf (Photos)

Posted on Tue 17th Apr, 2018 - --- (0 comments)
There is still hope in the youths and also education in Nigeria, when two young siblings came together to think of how to solve a problem in the society using scientific innovation. - Continue reading →

BMW Develops Wireless Charging Pad Can To Charge Cars For Hours (Photos+Video)

Posted on Tue 17th Apr, 2018 - --- (0 comments)
BMW which is a German multinational company which currently produces automobiles and motorcycles, and also produced aircraft engines until 1945 has developed a special form of charging phones. - Continue reading →

Mobile Internet Users Increase Marginally To 100.9m In February

Posted on Tue 17th Apr, 2018 - --- (0 comments)
The number of Nigerians using mobile phones and other handy devices to access the internet has continued to increase impressively. - Continue reading →