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Be Careful! Check Out How To Avoid Being Hacked By Scammers On WhatsApp

Posted on Wed 15th Jan, 2020 - --- (0 comments)
If you have been scared of getting hacked by scammers on WhatsApp, these are some things you should take note of. - Continue reading →

UNIZIK Student Invents Machine That Can Convert Pure Water Nylon To Fuel (Photos)

Posted on Fri 10th Jan, 2020 - --- (0 comments)
A Nigerian student has been commended for his brilliance after he invented a machine that can convert disposable materials to fuel. - Continue reading →

Ghanaian Automaker, Kantanka Unveils 40-Ft Long Aeroplane Car (Photos)

Posted on Mon 06th Jan, 2020 - --- (0 comments)
Just like its look-alike 42-long World's first street-legal Limo-Jet, this Ghanaian-made car boasts ultra-luxury features. - Continue reading →

How Data Price War Hurts Telecoms Service Quality

Posted on Mon 06th Jan, 2020 - --- (0 comments)
Research ICT Africa noted that data pricing remains a contentious issue on the continent where average incomes are low. - Continue reading →

Is Your Air Conditioner Killing You? Check Out 5 Health Risks Of Air Conditioning

Posted on Thu 02nd Jan, 2020 - --- (0 comments)
Your air conditioner helps to cool your body when you are hot, but do you know that it can also be harmful to your health? Find out! - Continue reading →

Revealed: How To Protect Yourself From SIM Swap Fraud

Posted on Wed 18th Dec, 2019 - --- (0 comments)
If you have always wondered about how to protect yourself from SIM swap fraudsters, these are the steps you should take. - Continue reading →

Revealed: Five Mistakes You Make While Charging Your Phone

Posted on Fri 13th Dec, 2019 - --- (0 comments)
There are certain mistakes people make when charging their phones which may end up destroying their devices. These are some of those mistakes. - Continue reading →

Revealed: WhatsApp To Stop Working On Millions Of Phones By The End Of December

Posted on Mon 09th Dec, 2019 - --- (0 comments)
WhatsApp is reportedly set to stop working on millions of devices around the world by the end of December. - Continue reading →

Okon Lagos Shows Off Incredible Body Transformation After Hitting The Gym (Photo)

Posted on Mon 09th Dec, 2019 - --- (0 comments)
A Nollywood actor has shared his remarkable body transformation after hitting the gym. - Continue reading →

6 Ways To Detect A Fake Phone

Posted on Fri 06th Dec, 2019 - --- (0 comments)
Most of these fake phones match the original phones almost exactly in design and since most phone buyers are not tech savvy, they are very easily deceived. - Continue reading →

Paxful Sees Potential To Change Lives As Nigerians And South Africans Hunt Down Bitcoin On Google

Posted on Wed 27th Nov, 2019 - --- (0 comments)
With bitcoin's endless potential to change lives, Paxful is determined to continue providing financial freedom to those in need, and nurturing aspiring entrepreneurs. - Continue reading →

Nigerian Flying Labs Makes Major Announcement That Benefits Youths

Posted on Mon 11th Nov, 2019 - --- (0 comments)
Already, 100 youths have been trained in smart farming including the use of drone technology in Agriculture. - Continue reading →

Revealed! Check Out 13 Highest Earning Dead Celebrities Of 2019

Posted on Thu 31st Oct, 2019 - --- (0 comments)
The list of the highest earning dead celebrities for the year 2019 has been released. - Continue reading →

Ojukwu, The Man Who Ordered My Father's Execution Was His Friend - Col. Banjo's Daughter Speaks

Posted on Sat 26th Oct, 2019 - --- (0 comments)
Olayinka, the daughter of the later Colonel Victor Banjo has spoken about the circumstances around the man's execution. - Continue reading →

Drama As Drug Testers Storm Anthony Joshua's 30th Birthday Celebrations To Take His Blood Sample

Posted on Thu 17th Oct, 2019 - --- (0 comments)
World famous heavyweight boxer, Anthony Joshua's 30th birthday celebration has been gatecrashed by drug testers. - Continue reading →

Barcelona Sack Victor Valdes After Three Months In Charge

Posted on Tue 08th Oct, 2019 - --- (0 comments)
After making it clear to his players he wouldn't be travelling with them, Valdes knew the writing was on the wall. - Continue reading →

Facebook, Instagram Remove Accounts From Nigeria, Egypt, UAE, Give Reasons

Posted on Fri 04th Oct, 2019 - --- (0 comments)
Over 7 million accounts followed one or more of the pages and some 3,000 accounts joined at least one of the groups. - Continue reading →

If Your Phone Is Doing Any Of These Things, It's Time To Change It

Posted on Mon 30th Sep, 2019 - --- (0 comments)
Having to charge your battery every 30 minutes is enough to make anyone go nuts. - Continue reading →

Are You Spending Too Much To Stay Online? Check Out 5 Ways To Save Your Mobile Data

Posted on Wed 25th Sep, 2019 - --- (0 comments)
If you have been spending too much money just to stay online, we have good news for you on how to save your data. - Continue reading →

10 Fuel-saving Tips Every Car Owner Should Know

Posted on Sat 21st Sep, 2019 - --- (0 comments)
In an era when fuel is sold for N145 per litre, previously sold for N86.50, you might want to save some money fuelling your car. - Continue reading →