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Man Who Died For 20 Minutes Says He Left His Body But Was Told 'It's Not Your Time' In Clouds

Posted by Samuel on Fri 25th Jun, 2021 -

Scott, now in his late 60s, fought back tears as he recalled the moment he watched the nurse running from the operating theatre screaming: “I killed him!”

Scott Drummond

Scott Drummond has rarely spoken about the 20 minutes that changed his life forever (Image: Prioritize Your Life)

Scott Drummond, a man who died on the operating table for 20 minutes has vividly described how we was led on an incredible supernatural journey before his soul was apparently returned to his body, according to Daily Star UK.

Drummond was 28 when he dislocated his thumb in a nasty skiing accident.

But a routine operation to get his digit fully functioning again went horribly wrong when a nurse fumbled a surgical tourniquet.

Speaking to Prioritize Your Life, Scott, now in his late 60s, fought back tears as he recalled the moment he watched the nurse running from the operating theatre screaming: “I killed him!”

Previously, Scott had only told his wife and a handful of close friends about the life-changing experience, which he said changed the way he viewed his own existence, shifting his focus from “making money” to being devoted to his family.

Opening up publicly for the first time, he said: “I had the sensation of something going up my arm and across in to my heart, and the next thing I knew I was above my body looking down at the operation.

“I watched every stitch that was put in to my thumb."

Yet despite the strange vantage point, Scott said he was not alone and could sense a “person” next to him.

He now believes that person was god.

After seeing the nurse’s frantic exit and cry for help, Scott said he was suddenly transported to a field full of magnificent flowers and waist-high grass by his faceless guide.

He said: “And I remember so vividly, I could never look back, or I was instructed never to look back again, and the next thing I knew, and it was like a twinkling of an eye, I was standing in a field where the person who was with me was right next to me, but I couldn't see them.

"I looked over to the left and there was some great big tall trees, and I remember they were the most unusual looking trees, they had a long trunk with leaves up on top, and there were lots of them.

"Then to the right of that, which would be still to the left of me, was wildflowers, beautiful wildflowers, and they were up about to my waist.

"And I just remember looking and seeing how beautiful the flowers were, because something that I really enjoy is yard work and gardening and I just remembered the vivid colours were magnificent.

"The next thing I knew the person that had escorted me there was not there any more and I was by myself, but it was so peaceful."

Scott recalled feeling a deep sense of peace, seeing a white cloud pass close by.

Suddenly he said he started watching a video of his life from the day he was born until that moment.

He saw everything that he’d done in his life, good and bad, as if he was being judged for what he had done.

Scott said: “I remember some of it hurt. Some of it made me feel good. But it was what it was.

“I knew I had to do better with my life.”

Things get even more surreal. Scott said his guide telepathically instructed him to get up and walk to the cloud.

Here, a strong arm reached out to him through the cloud, and he was told: “It is not yet your time. You have more things yet to do.”

As he pulled his arm back through he went back into his body.

Scott later admitted that he didn’t want to come back to the living realm as what he had seen and experienced was simply too beautiful and serene.

He was amazed to learn that he had been dead for 20 minutes - and from that moment on he started living very differently.


Source: Daily Star UK

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