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Dismay As 15-Year-Old Girl Hires Hoodlums To Brutalise Her Mother’s New Husband In Lagos

Posted by Samuel on Sat 29th Jun, 2024 - tori.ng

Unknown to Adesile, an automobile technician, he had incurred the wrath of Esther, his wife’s 15-year-old daughter from a previous marriage, for reprimanding on an occasion she disrespected her mother.

 Kayode Adesile

Kayode Adesile did not anticipate the tragedy that occurred when he visited his newlywed wife, Oluwaseun Omolara Olusola, on June 25, 2024, at her residence in the Powerline area of Meiran, a suburb of Lagos.

Unknown to Adesile, an automobile technician, he had incurred the wrath of Esther, his wife’s 15-year-old daughter from a previous marriage, for reprimanding on an occasion she disrespected her mother, The Nation reports.

Esther, it was said, invited hoodlums to teach her stepfather a bitter lesson for meddling in her matter. The hoodlums, who were around when Adesile was visiting Esther’s expectant mother, pounced on him while he was about to enter the house, dealt him blows and recorded the scenario with their mobile phones.

“I verbally reprimanded her recently for being rude and disrespectful to her mother, who is my wife. I didn’t know that she was upset by my action which I took in good faith.

“They had carefully plotted the assault on me, knowing that I usually visit my wife’s home three times in a week.

“It was when I came around on Wednesday, June 26, 2024 that I was accosted by Esther who beckoned on the hoodlums to beat me up.

“I was badly beaten and humiliated as they took their time to make videos of the assault.”

It was said that after Adesile was assaulted, his attackers ran to the Meiran Police Station to lie that he attacked them. By the time Adesile reported the matter at the same police station he was detained.

The police, according to sources, would later find out that he was actually the victim of the assault, contrary to the complaint made by his attackers.

“The hoodlums invited by Esther were led by one Oluwakemi a.k.a. Honour, who supervised the brutality meted out to me and even filmed the scene with his boys.

“I was severely punched and battered by the hoodlums and left helpless as there was no one to save me from them.

“Even my wife who tried to save me was slapped silly by the boys and pushed to the ground.

“The hoodlums then left for the station and lied that I had attacked them.

“The police detained me when I went there to complain about the assault.

“It was later discovered that the hoodlums had lied and that they were the aggressors in this case.

“Hence, I was released on bail on Thursday June 27.”

He further said: “I started dating my wife six years ago before her mother died, and there was no problem between us.

“Her mother had asked her to bring me home for proper introduction after she told her that we were in a relationship.

“I later went to see her mother and we had a very cordial relationship before she died two years ago.

“When her mother was sick, my wife and I took very good care of her by taking her to a hospital in Abeokuta.

“She died shortly after we brought her back to Lagos.

“My wife is currently pregnant for me. I was the one that raised money to send her to school after she finished her JSS 3.

“I did not do anything to deserve the brutality meted out to me by the hoodlums she invited in connivance with a disgruntled family member of her mother to dehumanise me and even ran to the police to further detain me when in actual fact they were the aggressors.

“I was released on bail this morning (June 27) and the leader of the hoodlums is the leader a cult group in the community.”

Speaking with The Nation, Adesile’s wife, Oluwaseun, who is also Esther’s mother, said her daughter was being brainwashed and used by her unscrupulous family members and neighbours.

Oluwaseun said: “Esther Adekunle is a product of my former marriage. Her father humiliated me and was fond of brutalising me till we parted ways.”

She said she had struggled and weathered the storm to ensure that Esther and her two siblings got a good life and education after she parted with their father.

“There is no work that I have not done to give Esther and her siblings education. I am into cleaning services just so that I can have money to ensure that they feed well and go to school since their father abandoned them for me.”

The 36-year-old woman said that Esther had formed the habit of disrespecting and insulting her in public.

“Yet, despite all my struggle to make ends meet and raise them, Esther disrespects me in public and refused to heed my instructions.

“She would leave home without my consent and return when she wishes. She bedwets and exhibits dirty habits at home.

“It was recently when she insulted me openly that my new husband called her out and verbally reprimanded her for her misguided attitude.

“It was for that reason that she further became recalcitrant and planned with my mother’s family members and neighbours to invite the hoodlums to brutalise my husband.

“My new husband is not a gold digger. I have been dating him before my mother passed on two years ago.

“He was the one that provided the money we spent in processing admission for Esther to proceed for her Senior Secobdary education.

“Yet, he is the same person my daughter brought hoodlums to humiliate in public on June 25.

“While the boys were beating my husband, they also slapped me when i tried to stop them.

“”To my surprise, the boys came back the next day, June 26, and further assaulted me and there was no one to save me from them.

“They rushed to the police station and lied to the police that my husband attacked them. The police later detained my husband.

“The leader of the hoodlums, who is the husband of my daughter’s boss, was also detained when my husband indentified him as the leader of the gang that attacked him.

She added: “My husband was freed after the police discovered that the hoodlums were the culprits.”

In an audio recording obtained by our reporter, Esther, confronted by some persons on her complicity in the assault on her mother’s husband, accused Adesile of fondling her breasts about two months earlier.

“He (stepfather) fondled my breasts about two months ago,” Esther said.

Asked why it took her two months to avenge her purported molestation and why she did not tell her mother about it, she said: “I told my mother’s family members about it.”

Adesile and Esther’s mother however described the allegation as a tissue of lies.

“She is lying. I have never molested her. She is acting a script handed to her by the people that are guiding her to disrespect her mother and myself over my wife’s inheritance which they want to dispossess her of, ” Adesile said.

Esther’s mother also said her daughter was misguided and told to lie against her stepfather after it dawned on them that their action was criminal and could have consequences.

She said: “My daughter was told to lie that my husband recently molested her.

“The truth is that  she is doing a hatchet job for some people who are planning to take over my late mother’s property at all cost.

“My husband has never molested Esther. She is being used without her knowing.”

Contacted for comments, the Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) of the Lagos Command, Mr. Benjamin Hundeyin, did not answer his call and also had not responded to the inquiry sent to his WhatsApp at press time.

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