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Owambe: 5 Ways You Can Make A Good Impression As A Wedding Guest

Posted by Thandiubani on Mon 09th Sep, 2019 -

We all love wedding ceremonies, but have you ever thought of standing out from the crowd? Here are all the tips you need to make that awesome impression.

Wedding reception (File photo)
Being invited to someone’s wedding is an honor. It makes plenty of sense that you’d want to repay the favor by being the best guest you can.
That involves dressing appropriately for the occasion! Don’t make the wrong impression by showing up in an outfit that’s definitely not wedding-friendly.
It’s worth noting that every couple has different expectations regarding attire. Some will be fairly lax. Others will have specific requirements. It’s important to find out what those are ahead of time.
However, the following general rules tend to apply at most weddings. Keep them in mind to put together an outfit that’s both stunning and appropriate.
1). Don’t Distract from the Happy Couple
One of the oldest wedding fashion rules is also one of the most crucial: don’t wear white.
Why is this harped on so often? Because white is traditionally worn by the bride. Wearing it calls attention away from the people who should be the focus of the event.
That said, wearing white isn’t the only way to look like you’re making the day about yourself. You should generally avoid anything that’s too distracting or attention-grabbing. Looking good doesn’t need to involve making everyone look at you.
In fact, you can dress nicely without going overboard in the color department. You could even wear shapewear underneath to enhance your curves in those outfits. Shapewear for bridesmaids and brides can help enhance a look like no other kind of apparel can. As long as you remember the color restraints for your dress of choice, any kind of outfit with shapewear underneath will make you look that much more curvier and feminine!
2). Save Money with Accessories
There may be times of year when you’re invited to several upcoming weddings. Buying a new outfit for each one can obviously be costly. If you’re looking for ways to save money, don’t assume you need to wear different garments for each event. Accessories can help you transform outfits, making it possible to wear them at a few different weddings throughout the season. Your dress might be the same, but if your bag, shoes, hat, and jewelry are different enough, it won’t matter.
3). Don’t be Too Revealing
Wedding etiquette experts also advise against wearing clothing that shows too much skin. There are two reasons for this.
One, it’s another way to call too much attention to yourself. Two, the crowd at weddings tends to be mixed. Maybe more than a few kids will be in attendance.
Their parents might not appreciate the fact that a guest is dressed  in a revealing outfit.
4). Pack Some Flats
You also need to keep certain practical details in mind when choosing a wedding outfit. For instance, there’s a good chance you’ll be standing and dancing for hours throughout the day. This can get very uncomfortable very fast if you’re in heels. Bringing along a comfortable pair of flats helps you avoid this problem.
5). Don’t Wear Black
Black is another color that’s often frowned upon at weddings. Although the couple may allow it, if you’re not sure whether they do, err on the side of caution.
People avoid black at weddings because it simply makes them think of funerals. That doesn’t mesh with the happy occasion they are supposed to be celebrating.
Remember these points as you get ready for any and all upcoming weddings. Again, while checking the couple’s specific rules is the most important tip to keep in mind, these should address some of your more basic questions.
Use them to ensure you make the right impression on a loved one’s special day.
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