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Nigerian Actor And Model, Adebule Reveals How He Feels When Older Women Ask Him Out

Posted by Samuel on Sat 28th Sep, 2019 -

Handsome Nigerian actor and model, Baaj Adebule has talked about how he feels when older women ask him out.

Baaj Adebule
Baaj Adebule
Baaj Adebule is an award winning film maker and model. In this interview with OGHALE OZORE, he speaks on his love for acting, the way forward for the motion picture in Nigeria, among other issues. Excerpts:

How did you get into acting?

I started acting while I was still doing a 9am-5pm job and it was an experiment at that point in my life. I was still trying to figure out what I wanted to do, what kind of person I wanted to be, what I wanted to achieve, and my goals in life. The question of what mark I would want to leave in the world was also coming to mind.

Still trying to find myself in terms of both personality and path, I tried a number of occupations. I was doing a little bit of entrepreneurship, I did some TV presenting and modelling.  I just tried out little jobs while still working and eventually, I got this little stint on Tinsel for two episodes. Even as small as it was, there was a feeling that this is what I wanted to do. This is exactly where I am supposed to be.  When that happened I knew that was what I wanted to be- an actor and a film maker.

Nollywood is the second biggest producer of films in the world, what’s your view on this?

That’s great. That’s a huge boost for our GDP. The industry has helped greatly in terms of employment, and raising money for the country.

But being the biggest in term of quantity is good but it will also be nice if we are also the biggest in terms of quality which we are still trying to work towards. We have a whole lot of obstacles and we are literally running the entire industry with a hand tied behind our back as opposed to how other industries like Hollywood and Bollywood are.

We don’t have the government backing us, we don’t have a strong legal system and the state of the country definitely doesn’t help but we are doing our best. We are pushing and it’s a good thing we are the second biggest but we need to do better.  I will love us to not just be there as the biggest but to also put content out there.

How often do you get scripts?

Well, I have to be grateful that I do get scripts. I do get them quite often now. I am eternally grateful considering the fact that I came from a point that I wasn’t getting scripts at all.

What do you think the industry is lacking?

The industry just like the country is lacking a whole lot of things but first, I will say structure.  The fact that we still don’t even have a formal structure on how the industry works financially and technically is a big letdown.

This has really made it hard to get investors. It makes it hard to make money from whatever film or series you are involved in. It’s hard to start moving forward as an industry because the foundation is faulty.  The structure is definitely something the industry is lacking then combine that with truth.

We have not been able to grow the culture on truth to literally say things the way they are. Telling ourselves the hard truth, we have not been able to really get there. We are still allowing showbiz mentality literally determine everything we do. We do not tell ourselves the truth. We just pick around the crack and say what the next people would like to hear which is not helping anyone. Constructive criticisms are always going to help you be better.

Are you currently working on any project?

Yes. I am currently running a pre-production for the first feature film that I will be directing from my media production house- House Baaj Pictures. We have been working on the scripts for three months now and finally, we are getting close and my team is happy. That is what I am working on at the moment and as I am working on that, I am getting ready to go on set with a friend of mine.

Tell us about your first feature film?

I am currently working on shooting my first full length feature movie. We have been working on a script with a working title Come With Me. It’s a romantic thriller and we can say we finally arrived at a draft that we are happy or rather, I am happy to shoot it.

It is a story created by myself and the script was also written by myself and my friend Micheal Osuji and currently we are looking for the right location, cast and doing production meeting for shooting and marketing of the film.

It’s an exciting story with romance, comedy, crime and thriller and just a temp of action and still has that heart felt message that I am very eager for Nigerians to know, hear and learn from. We are hoping to shoot in October all things being equal.  We hope it should be out in the first quarter next year. So I look forward to it.

Where do you see your acting career few years from now?

Honestly, if I look back at the past, I have to say it makes me very optimistic, happy, and it gives me energy, confidence to keep going.

Every single year of my career has been better than the year before so that really is comforting and in a couple of years, I am really hoping I can break into Hollywood market and star alongside some of the actors I grew up watching. I admire that very much and also long to get the opportunity to work with some of the greatest directors of our time and its definitely something I  am looking forward to.  I am very confident that it will happen.

Which of the female actresses would you like to be onset with?

I have not had the opportunity of working with a lot of the veteran actresses we have in the industry. I have worked with quite a bunch of veterans but there is still a number of them I  have  not had the opportunity of working with like Kate Hensaw, Rita Dominic, Mercy Johnson and a host of others.

What is your source of inspiration?

My major source of inspiration is film making. I have noticed no matter how depressed, down, or frustrated I am that love seems to always shine through and overshadow every kind of feeling. I am grateful to God for giving me that because having that strong spirit inside, that no matter what comes, you will always fight back. My major inspiration without a doubt is love for acting and film making. It beautiful, it’s exciting, it’s so mind blowing, it is an amazing experience to have in life.

Can you act in a porn movie?

No! I can’t and I won’t do that. It’s not what I will like to do.

Why can’t you?

Why I can’t do a porn movie? Apart from having my family and friends in mind in terms of integrity and all that, personally it’s not just my cup of tea. No, I cannot do a porn movie.

Do you have older women fans asking you for a relationship?

Yes I do. As a matter of fact, I am flattered, absolutely flattered by it and they are very beautiful women and I am often very flattered. It’s a sign of you doing the right thing.  The fact that you look good is really a nice feeling. It is good to be seen that way and appreciated that way.

What can make you give up on acting?

I am yet to see that thing that can make me give up on acting. It’s such a diverse occupation you could really do from any angle and it’s not rigid, not narrow.  It is really wide and big.

I don’t really think anything can make me give up acting. If I lose my limbs and I become vegetable, yeah then I don’t think I will really be able to pull off any roles. But Christopher Rims still acted after his horse accident. So, I really don’t see what can make me give up on acting.

The year is almost over, any plans on walking down the aisle?

(Laughs) I don’t know.
Source: The Nation

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