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Ladies, Do Not Be Caught 'Unfresh' On Your First Date By Avoiding These Foods

Posted by Amarachi on Thu 31st Oct, 2019 -

Helpful tips for Ladies about ordering the right food on your first date so you don't get to be caught unfresh.


First impressions are very important and in fact, some believe they last forever. A first date is usually an opportunity for you both parties to know more about each other and also create a first impression. For ladies, ordering the right food on your first date is very important. You don't want to be caught 'unfresh' so, class and finesse should be considered.

Have you ever experienced being on a first date, and in the middle of eating, you realized—“I should not have ordered this”? The food might have been too messy or too noisy to eat, amongst other things. That can be embarrassing right?

You see why you need to plan the kind of meal you should order on your first date. Today's article will show you the kind of meals you shouldn't even consider ordering you.

1. Burger

Image result for picture of burger

Avoid getting messy on your first date with burger

Don't be that lady that eats her burger with a fork and knife, and also don't want to pick it up because the ketchup in the bread might drip down your fingers. This will get really messy and also put in the position where you're reaching for multiple paper napkins.

2. Draw Soup

Related image

Having an okro stain on your outfit can be embarrassing on your first date.

It's okay to be yourself but it's better to play safe on your first date. While trying to make the man see you as being comfortable in your own skin, please do not overdo it by ordering a meal you have to eat with draw soup. You are most likely to be embarrassed when you end up staining your clothes or looking like an uncultured lady while trying to lick the soup. You can avoid all these on your first date by skipping this meal on your order.

3. Spaghetti

Image result for picture of spaghetti bolognese

Avoid embarrassing yourself by staying off spaghetti on your first date.

Slurping and chewing your long noodles will only add to the awkward pauses in conversation. Red sauce is also notoriously known to splatter; whether it's on your clothes or on your date. It can get worse if the spaghetti has a lot of sauce. Not only would it spoil your makeup, but it might also soil your dress too.

4. Relatively new meals

We know it's adventurous to explore and try new things but not on a first date. Even though being taken to a fancy restaurant is intriguing and very romantic, try as much as possible to order foods that you are familiar with.

If you try a relatively new meal, you might not like the taste. You do not want your date asking if you've tasted the food before. If you intend to try new meals, buy and try them at home.

5. Beans

Image result for picture of porridge beans

If you don't want to start gassing up at your first date, stay clear off beans.

Stay clear off any bean-loaded dishes like chili bowls or burritos, as these may upset your stomach and cause gas. You don't want to be that date that farts and disrupt the whole restaurants or having to visit the restroom every second.

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