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Man Shares Testimony After Escaping Death From Fulani Herdsmen (Photos)

Posted by Thandiubani on Mon 23rd May, 2022 -

The Nigerian man in a Facebook post, thanked God for saving him from death in the hands of Fulani herdsmen.

A man has shared the story how he escaped death by the whiskers after being attacked by Fulani herdsmen.
He took to Facebook to share photos and wrote:
My testimony...

Alot of tremendous life threatening tragedies has happened to me in the past but this hit differently for I see zero chances of survival but God kept me.

It was like a film, in a blink of an eye I face my death one on one and saw my life slipping away in a terrible way that I could never imagine...

On Tuesday 10th may 2022 I was on my way to aba from awka with my 2by2, I followed my favorite route (umunze - arondizogu- okigwe -aba) because I no get strength for the happening in imo state, I was trying to avoid any story that touches the hrt not knowing that I'm heading to ultimate violent that I'm trying so hard to avoid because this is the road that I prefer to travel with all the time and same road was what I routed back to Anambra on Saturday 3 days before the incident.

The truth that this road is so bad and very unmotorable* but I still prefer it because 2by2 knows no bad road, and there's less disturbance on that route. we were going, we saw SUV that seems to have occident and I was like wetn this person dey drive for this kind bad road that will lead to dis kind accident of jumping inside the bush like this, in all honest there's no reason for this man to jump inside the bush like this if he's not in a very high speed and lost control of the wheel, but no normal human will be speeding on this kind of bad road nah haaa unless someone is after his/her life, I was saying this to my friend and also trying to wrap my head on what the reason might be, I was still thinking of the possibility of what might be the reason then here comes another suv that was packed in the middle of the road with the glasses wind down, aaah I said if person motor spoil for here the person go hear am oo this road is too lonely and bad even to find mechanic go hard (I thought the car was faulty) to find mechanic go hard even to see motor to transport the person out of here go be war because there was no vehicle in sight for the past 10-20 minutes we have been on this road, the road is so bad and I thought the loneliness is due to how terribly bad the road is, because na only 1 Tipper dey our front since we enter this road..

I was still wallowing in a wild thought when we heard the most terrifying multiple gunshots from sophisticated Guns, the sound alone will send one to obodo afudebe, it was an ambush attack!! !!!
My hrt jumped out my soul from my body.

I throttled down immediately, they were shooting at us sparotically, I was speeding on the bad road, I bended my head(trying to dodge bullets for my mind) I couldn't see the road clearly so the car was jumping the potholes and swading from left to right, right to left in a full speed, when I raise my head I saw them massively trooping out the bush with their raffle shooting at us with so much energy.

To me there is no how I'm going to survive this because all I'm hearing nonstop was gunshots from different angles but I have to keep moving waiting for the bullets to hit me because there is no way I'm stopping since they want my life they have to work for it, at this point I have to raise my head murmured brief last prayer n focus on driving while I wait for my death because the more we move the more they kept surging out of the bush shooting, I was thinking that they have condemned all the car with bullet because it still beat my imagination how I'm Still alive, I have already asked God to accept my soul, I didn't pray for survival because I stand no chance from my point of view and look of things, mana uche mmadu aburo uche chukwu, I only prayed to God to forgive my sins, console my mum and accept my soul.

Also praying for 2by2 not to stop before I die cos it has receive a lot of serious hits from the bad roads and bullets (I thought they have condemned the my yacht with bullets) if these people catch me alive it won't be funny because I have stress them alot they will skin me alive n feed me with my own flesh so I was left with no option than ahead ahead, obe oku nyulu Kam wusa owala there.

Miraculous, magically unbelievably we stopped hearing gunshots and I'm still breathing, how come?? How manage we are still alive?? Am dreaming?? I was still speeding i noticed that 2by2 is moving with wheel that the tyre don burst since, the tipper people were waved at us to pulled over that we are safe now, we don reach where there's is houses so I managed pulled over, one of them dragged me out of the string and gave me a very tight hug, while praising my bravely and driving skills,(osi noo bravery and skills?? u no go like shot up and thank God I said in my mind) my body dey shake, I was shivering because I can't just believe what happened and why I'm still breathing and unharmed it was a war zone back there and where all those bullets went to because the car only absorbed about 6bullets out of countless magazines they emptied ontop their papa head....

They carried us to okigwe town asked if I have spare tyre, and sent some people to go get 2by2,(volunteerilly) they came back with the yacht it was around 7pm, they asked me to lodge at okigwe, calm my nerves and continue my journey in the morning, I thanked them for there support and kindness, buy us some drink n goat meat, give them some money in appreciation and continue my journey, I got to aba around 8pm...

Meanwhile my mother and Lily Okafor was calling me back to back,
We are so bonded that whenever I'm in danger they feels it...

This my story with Fulani herdsmen...

It's not of he that willeth or runnet but of God that showeth mercy...

I'm product of grace n mercy...

I will be going to Thanksgiving tomorrow being Sunday 22nd may 2022 at the Christ the king parish Isuaniocha, you are all invited to celebrate with me for the gift of life...

©️ Okafor Stan

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