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10 Careers in Music Industry You Probably Don't Know About

Posted by Thandiubani on Wed 25th May, 2022 -

These sets of professionals are important in every music or entertainment industry for both the entertainment and business purpose of music. Our panegyric lists:

Most people limit their careers in music to singers and dancers, others might know about music producers and songwriters. However, there is more to a music career than that as we have other experts working behind the scene to ensure that quality music is heard and the music business is profitable.
These sets of professionals are important in every music or entertainment industry for both the entertainment and business purpose of music. Our panegyric lists:
Advance Person
They work as forerunners or precursors, they travel to proposed places of event to keep things in order (e.g. music equipment, electrical outlets, accommodation, or promotional materials) before the arrival of the artist and his crew.
Album Cover Designer
This career is for people good at graphic designs, they design the arts seen on album cover of musicians, most times, the entire layout of an album, like the CD face prints, back cover, and lyric sheet are manned by an album cover designer.
They also promote record labels and other contents in an album; sometimes they discuss with concerned artists to get ideas of information to be conveyed in the art.
Nowadays, album cover designers also illustrate arts for single music on social media platforms, this logic is helpful in music promotion especially for upcoming artists.
Artist manager
The duties of an artist’s manager are very vast. He/she is concerned directly or indirectly with everything that happens to the artist, they also coordinate the activities of other workers such as the music produce, event planner, audio engineer, etc
Artist managers create opportunities for artists, they also connect artists with other artists for collaborations, and they also ensure a profitable music business runs at the end of the day.
As an artist manager, you need a good sense of leadership to advise, encourage, and criticise when necessary, the artist and the rest of the team.
Booking Agent
This is someone trained to book live shows for artists through contact with concert promoters, festival organisers or hall managers to ensure dates of event doesn’t occur with others, they also negotiate duration of performance and ensure that scale of occupancy in the proposed arena is enough for an event.
They work according to instructions from the artists or the artist’s manager to make ends meet, most times this work is stressful and not as easy as it sounds, a qualified booking agent must have an idea of the legal framework contracts and music business
Campus Representative
They work as ambassadors or middlemen between an artist and the public.
Their duty is to promote music brand and marketing among campuses or colleges. 
They also share dates of concerts or new music albums to groups or schools via live adverts or through social media platforms.
Celebrity Bodyguard
He/she accompanies celebrities to any public places they visit in order to protect such artist from dangers or harm. Not just that, a body guard ensures their boss is happy too, they may open doors for artists or help them carry their bags.
Entertainment Lawyer
He/she writes contracts for booked events, fight copyright claims, ensures that publishing and licensing agreements are settled, and they also handle intellectual property concerns of their clients. This must be an entertainment attorney who has the knowledge and understanding about the music industry. 
Music Arranger
Respected for their dirty work; music arrangers collaborate with song or movie writers, they tune rough work (lyrics or movie story) into a sweet and preferable manner, they are experts in different genres of music and music melodies, rhythm and lyrics.
Music arrangers are people who are talented at music composition and singing but choose not to climb the stage. They are highly respected and well paid for their knowledge and skill.
Music Publicist
He/she works closely with the media, and the album cover designer. Their duty is to promote the music or content of the artist by posting them on social media platforms, radio stations, TV shows, and websites.
They spread news or create awareness for artists’ concerts, date of events, venue and other services needed.
Music publicists are majorly concerned with communication and marketing based responsibilities in an entertainment industry.
Music Teacher
Music teachers work publicly (in music schools) or privately. Whichever way, their duty is to deliver lectures or guide artists on how to sing, play instruments, dance or sometimes, they offer music therapy to artists.
A music teacher’s talent is multifaceted, sometimes they are hired to work for a music group, or college, whichever way, they adapt to the needs of their students to ensure their services are satisfactory.
Being a music teacher is a complex and technical profession. It's not just about music, they study the physical and mental health of their pupils and familiarise themselves with them. They engage in private discussions to know the challenges of their pupils and also work on themselves after classes to figure out how to help pupils overcome such challenges.
After several lessons, a music teacher organises exams, auditions, or festivals to see how well the pupils have learnt.
Recording Engineer
Also called sound or audio engineer, they produce recordings and set up gears at live shows, such professionals must master the principles of operation of musical equipment, how to handle them and sometimes, may have an idea on how to check faults in such equipment. They work hard to ensure a smooth, quality and pleasant auditory output reaches the ears of the listeners.
A recording Engineer usually works hand-in-hand with artists or singers, they study songs to know when and the depth to add visual or auditory effects.

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