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7 most common logo types in today's market

Posted by Tony on Tue 30th May, 2023 -

A logo is a symbol that should reflect the image of your company, serving as a distinguishing mark to make it stand out from your competitors.

A small emblem that could hook potential customers and make your brand recognizable.

To create a visual identity for your company, you have to consider the way the logo will represent your business, including product labels and promotional materials. And the first thing to start is to decide on the type of the logo.

Text logos

About 30% of businesses today use text logos. It's a rather simple choice to develop and use in product promotion.

Acronym logos

Companies with long and complicated names usually use abbreviations and acronyms which can become a basic element for a logo that can be memorable for customers. A lot of acronym logos became famous and iconic, and many don't even know what they stand for.

Such emblems are common among TV channels. Everyone is familiar with the logos of BBC, CNN,  or  CBS as they are well displayed in the corners of the screen.

In developing an acronym logo, you have to choose the right typeface which should be easy to read and correspond with the spirit of your company.


This type of logos is better suited for companies and brands with short and clear names which are easy to remember. Prime examples in this category are Google, Pepsi, and Visa. Few are those who have never seen their striking wordmarks.

As is the case with acronyms, you should carefully consider the typeface and color palette. The font has to be readable, reflecting the essence of your company. For example, a flower company could better be represented by a light italic wordmark, while a bold and strict typeface would be the best for a construction company.

Graphic logos

A graphic logo, as a rule, represents a laconic image. This type is not so common, but the right approach can result in a really iconic emblem on the market. About 6% of companies still take a risk to create a pure image logo.

Signs and Symbols

You surely know sign logos, like Apple's bitten apple or Twitter's blue birdy. They show that a well-developed design can contribute much to the company's success.

Such symbols have to be based on a profound idea allowing to evoke clear associations in customers. However, you may have difficulty with a sign logo as it might be unclear to your customers, so it's not the best choice if you are just going to launch your business. You have to spend a lot of time developing a proper emblem to be sure 100% that it will hit your audience. 

Abstract logos

Unlike signs depicting usual objects, like birds, fruits, and flowers, these logosfeatures abstract figures. In this regard, you may recall the emblems of Nike, Reebok, or BP. The abstract design is also frequently used in car logos.

You can easily design an abstract logo. The main thing is that could exactlyconvey your message and look good on products.

Character logos

Logos featuring a character or a mascot are popular with sports teams. Many commercial institutions also create funny characters that entertain their customers in advertising and smile from packaging. Such mascots as KFC's Colonel Sanders, P&G's Mr. Clean, or Michelin's Bibendum have long been recognizable and beloved, strongly associated with their brands.

The main plus of this kind is that mascots establish a connection with the target audience more easily, evoking positive emotions. Besides, a brand character can give some ideas for advertising and promo campaigns.

Mixed logos

The last two categories include logos combining images and textual elements.

Text and Graphics

Here, we can recall McDonald's and Burger King. Their logos feature images and letterings which work well together, reinforcing each other. Companies can use trademarks and wordmarks separately as different carriers require different designs in size and typography.

Combined emblems

Most frequently, a combined emblem is a logo with lettering inside an image. This kind of design is a favorite in educational institutions, football teams, and car manufacturers. Created like a real crest, such a logo can tell that your company is positioned as a solid and respectful business.


After choosing the proper type for your logo, you will have a general guideline to further develop your project. Modern technology offers a wide range of tools to create a good-looking logo. Branding designers typically work with vector graphic applications producing visuals that can equally fit printed and digital materials. As web promotion is a priority today, you should also consider the right format for digital images.

Depending on the design and abilities of your website, you might need to convert WEBP to PNG, for example, or resize the image, that can easily be done through special software or online services.

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