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Proposed N54,000 Minimum Wage By Tinubu Government Can’t Even Sustain Transportation, Feeding — Nigerian Workers

Posted by Samuel on Sun 26th May, 2024 -

The workers mentioned this in a press release issued by comrade Andrew Emelieze, the National Coordinator (FWF) and a former Chairman, Oyo State, TUC, on Saturday.

 Nigerian Workers

Nigerian workers who are members of the Federal Workers Forum (FWF) have asserted that the suggested N54,000 minimum wage under President Bola Tinubu's administration is a means of enslavement.

The workers mentioned this in a press release issued by comrade Andrew Emelieze, the National Coordinator (FWF) and a former Chairman, Oyo State, TUC, on Saturday. 

The statement said the recent protest action by retired police officers had confirmed the hardship faced by the workers, the retirees and the unemployed.

“We the federal government workers are facing very difficult moments. It has been suffering unlimited visited upon us in the past one year that subsidy on petrol has been removed. Our take home pay remain the same while prices of goods and services have soared to an unimaginable proportion. Our naira is being daily devalued and inflation now king in Nigeria.

“We are surprised that the federal government has stopped the payment of the ₦35,000 wage award in the month of February to most of the federal government workers , while the economy is still biting harder on workers and the FG  yet to agree on what is to be a living wage in Nigeria. We are also surprised that the issue of a new minimum wage is dragging. Our expectations is that our government is feeling our pains and so will not hesitate to pay a living wage as promised by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

“We are holding President Tinubu to his words. He made a promise to pay a living wage. He can offcourse ease off the  stress of the minimum wage committee.We the federal government   workers challenge Mr President to pronounce, what he personally feel should be a living wage in Nigeria?

“The recent proposal of ₦54,000 minimum wage cannot suffice for transport allowance, not to talk of feeding an individual for a month. ₦54,000 ÷30days = ₦1,800 per day further divided by three square meals equals N600 daily meal ticket that cannot cook a cup of rice.

“This minimum wage proposal is nothing other than a slave wage, it should be  an embarrassment to the government. ₦54,000 minimum wage proposal actually queries  the conscience of government and we the federal government workers are really very disappointed that our government will price us so low. We urge the FG not to belittle her workers, ₦54,000 minimum wage proposal is actually very ridiculous ,disgraceful and unfair. 

“The ₦54,000 minimum wage proposal is an attempt to reduce the salaries of workers lesser than the ₦30,000 minimum wage five years ago. in terms of dollar exchange rate ₦54,000 at current exchange rate of ₦1,430 equals to $37.76 monthly salary and further divided by 30days equals $1.2 per day. While in 2019, at exchange rate of  ₦360 per dollar, ₦30,000 ÷$360 =   $83.33 further divided by 30days equals $2.77 daily. By implication in 2019 Buhari's minimum wage of ₦30,000 at $83.33  almost tripple the current proposal of ₦54,000($37.76). Moreso, things were more cheaper in 2019 compared to now; haba, FG should stop cheating the Nigerian workers. 

“This is injustice, ₦54,000 minimum wage proposal is bitterness against the Nigerian workers. ₦54,000 cannot buy a bag of rice and will not be able fuel a vehicle for a month. ₦54,000 minimum wage proposal is taking workers for granted, it will not encourage productivity and it will not meet up to the economic challenge of workers.  ₦54,000 minimum wage will amount to zero purchasing power of the workers.₦54,000 minimum wage proposal is euthanasia for workers to die in instalments.

“We the federal  workers  specifically call on President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to stop the deliberate devaluation of the naira. It appears  that  all government has been doing is to intentionally downgrade our naira and all these policies have been taking away food from the table of the federal  workers and the citizenry at large. There is definitely no rational for the current increase on interest rate by the Central Bank of Nigeria. So far, it has been the hike of  this or that in Nigeria by the federal government and all these hikes is daily reducing the living standards of the federal government workers. Federal workers are already confronted with excruciating high cost of living crisis due to the removal of subsidy on petrol, further devaluation of the naira will mean putting more burden on the federal government workers.

“The forum is calling on labour to once and for all fight for a living wage for the Nigerian workers.₦54,000 minimum wage proposal is a declaration of war on the Nigerian workers. We are really very disappointed in the disposition of government towards the Nigerian workers.

“We commend the doggedness of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC) in maintaining their stand to ensure a fair, just and decent wage for the workers. We urge labour to fight on headlong and correct the age long exploitation of the Nigeria workers. 

“The minimum wage negotiation is expected to terminate by the end of May and if not successful, labour should not hesitate to take an existential decision and declare an indefinite national strike. Government has no excuse whatsoever not to pay a living wage. Government has removed subsidy and they are making more money now more than ever before. The federal allocation has increased, the states are getting more money from the federal allocation. Thus, the excuse for paucity of funds is not tenable .

“Labour should be weary of the antics of reactionary elements, who would want to intervene and dilute the struggle towards a just wage.

“We are calling on the FG to resume the payment of wage award earlier stopped in February. The FG is currently owing the months of March and April, while May is knocking by 

“All federal industrial  unions are called upon to start presenting their grievances and get ready to take their destiny in their hands. All federal workers are also called upon to prepare to safeguard their tomorrow.”

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