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Ministry Of Justice Lawyer Allegedly Assaults Abuja Resident During Estate Security Check (Video)

Posted by Samuel on Sat 06th Jul, 2024 - tori.ng

The incident occurred on July 2, 2024, when a security guard at the estate gate requested to search Edwin' car boot as part of routine security measures, considering the prevailing situation in the federal capital territory.

 Edwin Pius

A resident of Centage Estate in Abuja, Mr. Edwin Pius, has cried out for help after being allegedly assaulted by one Sikiru Abdulkadir Olajide, a senior lawyer at the Federal Ministry of Justice. 

The incident occurred on July 2, 2024, when a security guard at the estate gate requested to search Edwin' car boot as part of routine security measures, considering the prevailing situation in the federal capital territory.

Olajide, who was reportedly involved in the altercation, has now deployed police officers from the Apo division to arrest and charge Mr. Edwin to court for alleged "obstruction from coming out of his house."

Edwin, who is currently in hospital bed receiving treatment over some medical challenges he had, told SaharaReporters on Friday, that the Investigation Police Officer (IPO), one Inspector Hajara Eloyi, had called him in the morning to come to the station for arraignment, claiming that the lawyer asked them to charge him to court for obstructing him from going to his house.

Noting that despite the video evidence of Olajide's assault on him which the police are currently in possession of, the lawyer has been using the name of the FCT Police Commissioner, Mr Benneth Igweh, who he claimed is his friend to threaten him, vowing to use the police to send him to prison.

A video clip of the incident at the estate gate where Edwin intervened as the estate security secretary to persuade Olajide from harassing the estate security guards seen by SaharaReporters, showed the lawyer slapping and pushing him. 

The lawyer was also seen in the video bragging that he was a landlord at the estate and owner of three houses, and therefore, could not comply with the estate security rules.

But narrating the incident to SaharaReporters, Edwin said: "On the 2nd of July 2024 about 11am while I was having meeting with the estate security guard's management close to the estate gate, I noticed that there was chaos at the estate entrance gate and immediately I excused myself from the meeting to know what the problem is.

"On getting there, I noticed that one Mr Sikiru Abdulkadir Olajide who happens to be a resident member in Centage Estate was shouting at the security guards calling them names and threatening to beat them up. When I greeted him and enquired to know what the problem is, he turned to me and also started raining insults on me and asked why would the guards ask him to open his car trunk to be checked when he is a landlord that owns three houses in the said estate.

"I reminded him that I am the Estate Security Secretary and that the directive was from the Estate EXCO because of the insecurity that we're constantly faced in the Estate. He was bent on not opening his car trunk on the ground that he is a landlord, owner of three houses in the said estate. While I was still pleading with him to comply with the directive, as other residents have been complying he resulted to assaulting me by poking his car key to my face. As if that was not enough he kept hitting me on my chest and also slapped me, threatening that he will deal with me and nobody will stand for me. 

"He said that I am a bastard and he will use the FCT commissioner of police who happens to be his course mate at MNI. While all this was going some good spirited persons that witnessed what was happening recorded the incident and afterwards. The made the video available to me when he dragged me to the Apo Police Division.

"I later reported the matter to the Estate Chairman and the Board of Trustees (BOT) Chairman and also sent copies of the video to them. They advised me to be patient while they reach out to Olajide. Later that night about 10:22 p.m, I got a phone call from DCO Apo police division asking me to come to the station on the invitation of the DPO on the 3rd of July by 11 a.m. The DCO told that the reason of the invitation was because one Mr Sikiru Abdulkadir Olajide came to the station to lodge a complain against me."

By 11 a.m on July 3, 2024, Edwin said, he went to the police station as invited in company of Centage Estate Chairman, a member of the BOT and one of the estate residents, who happens to be a landlord like Olajide. 

He said that he made statement as police ordered him to do. "I also gave the Divisional Crime Officer (DCO), IPO and other persons that accompanied met to the police station the video of the incident to watch. Mr Sikiru Abdulkadir Olajide was there at the DCO's office when I presented the video to the police officials to watch. 

"After watching the video the DCO asked him (Olajide) what does he has to say. He told the police that he wants to go to court, that he is a lawyer for 22 years and an MNI. Despite assaulting me he told the police that he will teach me a lesson for embarrassing him as a judicial officer," Edwin explained.

Edwin says he has a video evidence that will exonerate him and calls on the authorities to intervene. 

When SaharaReporters reached out to Olajide, he accepted assaulting and threatening Mr Edwin, but maintained that something led him to do what he did. 

Olajide said: "I will like you to, you know I don't state my own case to the press. I would like you to do your investigation and find out the truth from the Estate. Apart from that if he has said anything against me I will reserve my comment until we get to the court of law. So, if you like go ahead and post anything you want to post, but I insisted that I rely on the court of law to get to the root of the matter. You understand? You are a journalist you should do your investigation independently."

Asked about the video showing where he was slapping Mr Edwin, and even threatening to use the police to deal with him; that the FCT Commissioner of Police is his friend and mate at the MNI, he said "Yes, I didn't deny it, I'm not denying it. I still stand on my right, there must be a reason for me doing that. But you saw a video where I said this is your second time?"

Asked about where he was boasting that he has three houses in the estate, he said "Of course it is my house. I cannot deny it." On where he insisted that he would not subject his car for security check, he said "yes". You didn't hear when I said that is there any resolution to that effect? Did we post on the platform that we should be opening our car boots before we come in or go out? You didn't hear I told him that look I know my right in this estate, I am a stakeholder. Please do your investigation and take it out."

However, SaharaReporters efforts to reach the FCT Police Public Relations Officer, Josephine Adeh, have been unsuccessful. 

Meanwhile, Edwin fears being remanded in prison custody and he is seeking help in the face of the injustice.  

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