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Truck Runs Over Man's Car In Benue, Drags It Along The Road As Occupant Screams (Photos)

Posted by George on Thu 17th May, 2018 -

Berger Alfred Emberga is presently grateful to God for sparing his life after he was involved in a road accident which left his car mangled.

The accident scene
It would have been a different story for a man who survived a truck accident yesterday in Benue state after the vehicle hit his car and kept dragging it along the road till it hit another parked car.
Berger Alfred Emberga, took to Facebook to share his horrifying experience.
Read below;
"God alone deserves all the praises.

How God saved me from what would have been a deadly motor accident.

How it started. while I was driving to town from Northbank through old bridge, one guy who was in the truck, also driving to old bridge in attempt to over take me, picked my car from the driver's side and dragged me three streets away (250 meters) on the road before pushing me to the other side of the road.

It was my friend Benard Ukpe and I who were in the car. We heard a sound of a hit on our car, and the next place we saw ourselves was in the front of the truck dragging us on the road, this time my car has changed position. I tried all I could do to get my car off the front of the truck to no avail, the truck kept dragging us on the road.

How my car that was hit by the driver's side became in the front of the truck remains a mystery to me.

While the drama lasted, onlookers came out on the streets and were shouting while we were helpless in the car waiting for the truck to crush us. I managed to turn my eyes at the back the first time, second time, thinking the truck would leave us then I would manipulate and get on the right track, but when I turned at the third time and the truck was still dragging us on the road, I surrendered my life to God and asked Him to do His will since all my skills had failed me.

My friend Ukpe Bernard kept screaming; Hanhanhanhan, even as he kept asking; na so this man want take kill us? Na so this man want take kill us? Throughout the period the drama lasted I remain speechless and mute as I was waiting for God's verdict.

But thank God for his mercies, there was no vehicle coming from the opposite direction throughout this period, and the truck finally flinged us to the other side of the road where my car hit a pickup van that was parked on the opposite side of the road and that was the end of the drama.

When we came out of the car and driver too came out, he prostrated on the road, and was shivering and begging me to forgive him, that it was devil's work.

Those who witnessed the drama were full of praises and amazed that we survived the accident.

God alone deserves all the praises. While some trust in chariots, and some in horses, I will continue to trust in the name of the Lord my God.

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