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Davido's 'Arrest' Of His Two Female Accusers Stinks

Posted by George on Wed 30th Oct, 2019 -

Davido turned his oppressors into victims and turn himself - the victim - into the oppressor.



On Wednesday, October 23, 2019, the entirety of Nigerian 'aproko' coalition also known as Twitter NG awoke to a funny post. Two ladies named Helen and Susan - if that's their real names - accused Nigerian superstar, Davido of impregnating one of them - Susan.

Davido is a superstar with an near rabid collection of female admirers. A few years ago, he reportedly had his picture taken by a one-night stand who also reportedly stole his belongings. He also has three children from three different women - one of them is Chioma, his fiancee. While it might stink of sexual irresponsibility, he did have a well-documented relationship with two of those women.

But even if he didn't, sexual irresponsibility is probably one title that comes with superstardom. Even if they don't want sex, pretty women hover and buzz around them. These women are also very open to becoming baby mamas - that title comes with major bags in form of child support. So, as much as we want to criticize superstars, the game is the game. Moving on...

A combination of these factors quickly made Instablog9ja the home of thirsty gossip-mongers who munched on the news of Davido's 'infidelity' like boiled corn. Quickly, the story started trending and Davido's name became associated with infidelity. It came at a wrong time.

The love of Davido's life and fiancee, Chioma gave birth to a baby boy just days earlier. On occasion, Davido refers Chioma as his "wife."

Nonetheless, social media kept passing on the news till it spread like wildfire on dry leaves. Some 'haters' even mocked Chioma in subs, but today isn't one to present receipts. However, a lot of us had a feeling that Susan and Helen were full of it - yes, that word you're thinking of.

Asides how the foul stench of their awkwardly strewn together accents polluted our Nigerian air, their acting was so terrible a director from Yoruba Nollywood couldn't overlook it. Like clockwork, Davido got angry and threatened the ladies. "These h**s going to jail!! Mark my words," he wrote on his Twitter account.

Small play?

Comically and predictably, we had a case of clout-chasing on our hands. Our accusers came to apologize and said everything else but blamed the devil after things got real.

In another video, they blamed social media for taking them seriously. Refuting their claim, they say, “It was all a joke and you took it personally and started…I’m tired of your people oh.” Helen says, “Naija, a ya werey gan.” It is Yoruba for, 'Naija is mad o."

Susan continues, “We told you guys, it was all a joke. It was a prank. It’s hilarious.” Well, Davido rightly didn't see the joke at a sensitive time in his life. Why should he? The wheels had already been in motion to make those ladies face the music. Now that he is on the brink of marriage, he needs to stop these false accusations from happening by making an example of Helen and Susan.

What kind of music did Helen and Susan face?

If you attended boarding school, you might have experienced the sad situation of seniors forcing you to dance to non-existent music. That was the music Helen and Susan faced earlier today, October 29, 2019. Davido deployed men to a place that looked like their house. What is unclear is whether people Davido had to handle the matter were law enforcement officials or 'other people.'

In a video that leaked on social media, Helen was seen handcuffed to an unknown woman in a place that looks like where they recorded the initial video that started this drama. Someone behind the camera was speaking authoritatively and asking questions like a boss. One of his questions was about Susan's whereabouts.

When the handcuffed woman responded that Susan was bathing, he said in Yoruba that someone should go bring her from the bathroom. He also made them know that they defamed Davido with their slanderous statements to which there is video evidence.

Davido is right to seek justice

Look, Davido has seen a lot in his life. But at 27, with three children and an imminent wedding ceremony, he cannot afford scandals like this. Being a celebrity is bad enough to threaten any relationship. The time and distance celebrity demands is tasking on any relationship. He needs his partner's trust.

Equally, he needs his reputation to be intact. In this world, reputation is the currency with which you buy a good brand. In turn, a good brand gives you more money. His life depends on this. He is nearing the realm of ambassadorial roles with multinational humanitarian agencies. He doesn't need scandals like this.

As such, he is right to seek justice to both punish false accusation and to make clout-chasers with a similar thought process to desist.

However, his mode of seeking justice smells

There are two wrongs with Davido's way of handling this matter and both portray him as at best, only ignorant and at worst, both ignorant and oppressive. You can seek justice, but how you seek justice matters. We don't live in the jungle where monkeys reign supreme over fowls. Nigeria might be a state in ruins, but celebrity can help keep some sanity.

If the people Davido sent to those girls are his 'friends,' then there is a bigger problem. If they are genuine officers of a law enforcement agency, then their way of handling the matter is fundamentally wrong. Why was the man speaking in the video threatening those ladies? They are still innocent until proven guilty.

Why is he so eager to go bring a presumably naked woman out of a bathroom? Why is there even a video of the supposed arrest - if it is an arrest? Are we living under an oppressive emperor who likes to make spectacles of accused offenders? There is a law. Unless in exceptional circumstances, you can't release videos like that. It's not even a parade for God's sake.

On Twitter, a lot of people are ignorantly arguing that what Davido did is fair to clout-chasers who defamed him. Well, that's just several miles of nonsense. Defamation is only a civil suit. If that man behind the camera really did what he threatened to do, Davido might be a party to an assault charge. That my friends, can be both criminal and civil. That will be Davido ruining his own case.

While it might be a systemic problem of a rotten Nigeria that law enforcement officers don't know the dictates of their jobs and are prone to being subjected to the power of satisfying celebrity and the highest bidder, Davido owes himself a duty to know and do better.

Davido might have said the ladies should go, but the deed has been done. Davido turned his oppressors into victims and turned himself - the victim - into the oppressor. This whole affair stinks.

Source: Pulse NG

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