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Nigerian Man Recounts The Horrific Ordeal He Suffered In The Hands Of A Lagos Landlady

Posted by Samuel on Wed 25th Nov, 2020 -

Identified as Edward Onoriode, the man took to Twitter to tell his story explaining that he saw hell on earth in the house.


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A Nigerian man has told of the horrific experience he had while living in his former house.

Identified as Edward Onoriode, the man took to Twitter to tell his story explaining that he saw hell on earth in the house.

He revealed that his landlady made living conditions hard for everyone and demanded that he signed an agreement form with very strict rules.

Below is what the man wrote on Twitter:

2006, I rented my first apartment, a single room self contain at Yakoyo Sabo, Ojodu Berger, Lagos.

I was so excited I've gotten an apartment of my own as a young man. Little did I know the house I rented was a hell on earth.

After making payment for the apartment, I asked the landlady for the agreement form so I can read and sign. She said her lawyer is still working on it and she will hand it over to me in few days time.

She said I don't have any problem and I can move my stuff in.
I was so excited, so, I moved my few belongings.

Few weeks, no agreement form. I kept asking for it and my former landlady kept telling me to exercise patience.

After a month, the agreement form came and she called me to come and sign it.
When I went through the contents in the agreement form, I began to sweat.

They're unrealistic.

1. Friends/Relatives ain't allowed to live with you.

2. You MUST turn off your Gen by 10pm.

3. Compound gate will be shut by 10pm and won't be open to anyone once it's locked.
4. Landlady has right to inspect tenants apartments if she suspects anything.

5. No tenant is allowed to park his/her car/bus/motorcycle inside the compound.

And so many other ridiculous stuff which I can't remember again.

I couldn't sign it. So, I questioned her.
She told me if I'm not ok with the agreement, I'm free to park my stuff but I'd have to wait till another person rent the apartment and she said will ONLY refund my rent because she has use the money for her business.

When I asked about the agreement, agent and damages fees,
She said she can't refund the agreement fee but she can only refund half of the damages fee and as for the agent fees, I should go and meet my agent for that.

That's when I knew I've entered one chance.

I have no money to rent another apartment. So, I had to sign the crazy form
Two months after renting my apartment. I went for a special assignment and came back late.

When I got home, the gate was locked. I bang and bang and bang. Nobody opened the gate.

I had to go sleep over at my friend's place.

It was crazy.
My ex girlfriend always wish to pass weekend at my crib but I couldn't allow her because mama will notice I've brought in a visitor. When my girlfriend began to threaten me, I had to introduce her to mama first before she was allowed to start passing nights at my apartment.
If there's no light and I and my ex were in the room relaxing or watching an important movie, before we'll know it, she will tell her son to switch off my gen because it's 10pm.

I tried to fight it out but I couldn't.

It that frustrating.
I recall a neighbour who I still keep close contact with. He traveled to the village, came back to Lagos late with his pregnant wife.

Gate was already locked because it's pass 10pm.

He jumped the fence and broke the padlock of the gate to allow his wife enter with their load.
The following day, mama reported him and got him arrested for robbery.

Another neighbour came with his girlfriend and she passed the night over. Mama was aware and waiting patiently for them.

Immediately she was leaving, mama emptied a bucket of water on her.
The hell I passed through in that house was unimaginable.

I had to run only after six months in that house.

That's when I learnt my lesson.

Guys, if you wanna rent an apartment, here are some very vital tips so you won't fall mugu like me.
1. Make sure you read the agreement form and you're satisfied with it before making payment.

2. Make sure you ask other tenants living in the compound about the house conditions. Pls, don't do it in the presence of your agent or landlord/landlady. Go there secretly and ask.
3. Make sure you verify the outstanding bills of the house -- NEPA, PSP and SECURITY bills. Don't go and rent a house where the outstanding NEPA bill is running to half a million and NEPA is constantly visiting your house for disconnection.
4. Watch out for the safety/security situation of the area & how prone it is to robbery & other violence attack.

5. Don't rent a house during dry season. Best time is to do that is rainy season. If you must rent in dry season, ask questions & watch out for water markings on wall
6. Don't rent a house close to Brothel or those local guest house. This is because Armed Robbers/Cultists often love visiting those places to relax with call girls. By so doing, they observe the area on who to attack and rob.
Lastly, you see those boys that always hail you each time you drive home, they're very important. Put them in your budget.

If na N500 you get, give them once in a while. If you don't have, always try and be friendly to them because they'll always be the ones that will save you.

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