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Sowore Lied, President Jonathan Had No Hand In Buying APC Form - Reno Omokri

Posted by Thandiubani on Thu 12th May, 2022 -

Omokri said Sowore who is a presidential aspirant lied that Jonathan was behind the purchase of N100 million All Progressives Congress presidential form through a Fulani group.

A former presidential aide, Reno Omokri has accused Omoyele Sowore of lying against ex-President Goodluck Jonathan.
Omokri said Sowore who is a presidential aspirant lied that Jonathan was behind the purchase of N100 million All Progressives Congress presidential form through a Fulani group.
Read below:
I am currently on pilgrimage in the State of Israel and so I don't always have Internet with my phone and even a lot of times I just put off my phone, so I am only just seeing the story by Sahara Reporters alleging that Former President Jonathan gave ₦200 million to the governor of Jigawa State, Governor Badaru, to buy the APC presidential nomination form for him and that he deceived Nigerians and the public.

You know, this is just typical of Omoyele Sowore. You have to understand, Omoyele Sowore is a blackmailer and I've said it before, if I'm lying he can take me to court. He has blackmailed me before. The man is a blackmailer, a liar, I mean he has one of the most evil minds in that country. He has blackmailed me before. He has told lies about me, almost ruined my life. I had to go to court in the United States. I lost weight, I looked like a patient that had end stage HIV/AIDS, because of the lies that he told about me. He almost ruined my life. This guy is a blackmailer and it's not just me, he's done it to several people.

If you remember, in 2020 when the End SARS was on, he tried to hijack End SARS for his Revolution Now shenanigans and when it didn't work he came out and floated this story and said that those behind End SARS had collected bribes from the Buhari Administration. And we saw that that was not true. I challenged him then, I did a video, those who were at the forefront of End SARS they challenged him, "Come up with your evidence", you know, because he could not control it.

Now you have to understand, he wants to run for president and then he has deluded himself into thinking that he has a chance, so obviously he is going to attack anybody that he believes or suspects wants to run. This is an absolute lie. Go back and look at the level of lies that this man has told against poor people, you know, myself, all kinds of people. He said that Former President Jonathan was drunk and fell down and that's why he could not address the African Union, he said that Former President Jonathan travelled to the United Nations with a delegation of 600 people. Please, don't take my word for it, just assume I'm lying, just google all these things I'm telling you. He said that. . .he listed 5 different ailments that then First Lady Patience Jonathan had, he lied that Former President Jonathan gave out gold plated iPhones at his daughter's wedding, which were all lies. You know, he now put a photo and that photo was photshop, but Nigerians believed it.

Those stories were part of what Nigerians believed and it made them vote out Former President Jonathan, they brought in Muhammadu Buhari, look at the result, the man has ruined the country. It's this Omoyele Sowore! And Sowore came out and said that he did not have a hand in bringing Muhammadu Buhari. He went to a radio station in Ibadan and I'm going to play that video after this (I hope I can find it), where he now boasted that he brought Muhammadu Buhari into power, Muhammadu Buhari rode on his back.

Look, I don't want to digress, if you read that story, he said a source. A source, a source, a source, he could not name anybody, because it is a complete tissue of lies! Former President Jonathan was as shocked as anybody about that story, because I was in touch with him. I mean, I was speaking with him on video calls. So the shock, I mean we were scrambling! First and foremost, we wanted to find out who those people were and then he is now coming. . .the Badaru, the Jigawa State governor himself, is he not running for president? Has he not bought an APC presidential nomination form? So just look at the lies that this young man is telling (I don't know if he is young, he is over 50 anyway). The lies!

I mean, when I think about what that man. . .how that man tried to ruin my life with lies (Reno is now showing a picture of Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai, Sowore and a woman on the screen), working with Mallam Nasir El-Rufai and till today now I think the two of them have fallen apart because Nasir El-Rufai is also a notorious liar and so, can two work together unless they agree?

So these terrible, terrible human beings. . .Nigerians should not forget what this man did in 2014/2015, how he brought this government into power with his propaganda and lies. They should not allow this man to repeat it. He is now bearing the fruit of his sins, he is now reaping what he sowed, because Muhammadu Buhari knows what he used him to do and that's why he just arrested him, jailed him and then put him in that country.

But I don't want to go too far, it's a complete lie, it's a tissue of lies, Omoyele Sowore if I'm lying take me to court, you are a liar, you are a blackmailer, you have tried to blackmail me Reno Omokri, now you can take me to court, I will prove it there. I had to go to court in the United States, it affected my family, it affected my children and now you want to start doing the same thing again? Enough is enough! Enough is enough!

Now this is Reno Omokri, thank you for watching and may God bless you.

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