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These Type Of Christians Will Not Make Heaven

Posted by Thandiubani on Wed 29th Jan, 2020 -

The type of Christians who will not make heaven even without knowing it have been exposed in this piece.

Praise and worship in progress (File photo)
Alexander Thandi Ubani
I am writing this for my dear Christians in Nigeria. I believe my little input here will help the lost souls find the right path again and if necessary, change their lives for good.
Nigeria is a religious country, no doubt; but what we have are mere churchgoers. Why? The reason is very simple: they don't practice what they preach or are taught.
Nigerian Christians only act the holy part on Sundays. Then from Monday to Saturday, they show off all their bad sides and on Sunday, they put on their holy cloak. 
Immediately they leave the church, they become something else - cursing, fighting, beating, cheating, fornicating, lying, planning evil and doing all sorts of vice that is against their faith. Some even beat their wives before going to church. Others even sleep with their boyfriends before leaving to worship God. Haba, my brothers and sisters. How can you finish beating your wife on Saturday and still have the mind to go to church on Sunday? How na? Even the woman maltreating her housemaid, how do you think you will weigh in the sight of God? You engage in all these vices yet make other people feel worse for the mistakes they make.
Which way my people?
A large number of Nigerians will not make heaven because they are pretenders. Many of them fornicate and engage in different immoral acts but always pretend to be holy. If you are opportuned to be shown on 5D tv the kind of lifestyle most live, you will be shocked to your bone marrow.
You will see a Christian fornicate during the week, then on Sunday attend church service, even leading the choir. After the church service, he/she will go back to his/her fornicating lifestyle. You are an internet fraudster but adore God. Every Sunday, you are in church spending the money you defrauded your victims on clothes and cars. Yet, you have the mind to open your damn mouth to praise God. Think, think and think!!!
You live with your boyfriend, yet call yourself a Christian. Every Sunday, you go to church. You are deceiving yourself brother and sister! You steal from your parents - doubling your school fees and making them pay through the nose, yet you continue to claim holy holy. God punish you!!
You will be shocked that on judgement day, God will reserve an evil place for you to languish. I know some of my pretentious friends who will face the wrath of God on judgement day, but I will not call their names. 
How do you expect to make heaven with such a lifestyle?
You cheat your business partners, humiliate and ridicule people you think are below you and expect that God will count you as his son or daughter? Because you own a company or head an organization, now you insult and call people old enough to be your father names because of a mere error. You curse and make them look stupid in front of everybody. You owe your workers months of salaries as if they are your enemies, but you buy cars and build new houses while they lament bitterly.
Wake up brothers and sisters and stop living a double life. Grace will not be enough for you people on the day of judgement. 
And just because you come from a rich home or by a stroke of luck, you are living a comfortable life, now every other person is beneath you. They do not matter because of their poor background. Help your family, you can't. You see them suffer endlessly but you swore with one of your balls that you will never be of help to them because you believe they may grow up tomorrow to be bigger than you. 
Ah! Ah!! na!!! This world is not your own o! We are just passersby. Life is temporal and in a twinkle, you will be no more - Gone and forgotten.
Change your life for good and start living the life God will be proud of. I know that many people will understand where I am coming from and will from this my writeup, take the right step.
The pretenders will continue to argue. Wake up people!! 
By Alexander Thandi Ubani


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