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Why Singers are more successful than Rappers in Nigeria

Posted by Tony on Sun 16th Oct, 2022 -

I'm very sure you want to know the major reasons why Nigerian singers are more successful than Nigerian rappers.


There are significant differences between singing and rapping. A lot of people think it is a similar business but it is not the major difference between rapping and singing that is the reason why singers are making more money than rappers in Nigeria at the moment.

In this informative article, I will list the major reasons why Nigerian singers are more successful than Nigerian rappers.

Why singers are more successful than rappers in Nigeria

Rap music culture

Over the years and currently, rap music is usually based on supremacy battles among rappers not just in Nigeria or the United States but other countries of the world.

A lot of rappers' major focus is to dominate the industry and there are so many things that are being done in the process of trying to be the best among others. A lot of rappers have been involved in several crimes and some are killed in the process, this is very common in the United States.

In Nigeria, a lot of rappers do not focus on their rapping music but they just want to attack other rappers so that they can prove to the Nigerians that they are the best in the game. This does not promote their music career but damages their rapping music career because they will gather a lot of heaters and enemies in the process.

Nigerian music culture

The Nigerian music culture is a bit far from rap music, a lot of Nigerians both young and old want to dance to good music that has credibility in almost all parts of the country. Rap music is completely foreign and strange to millions of Nigerians.

That is why it is a bit difficult for Nigerians to accept rappers and their music content, some of the successful rappers became successful after the mixture of rapping and singing.

Few dedicated rappers

If we are to count the number of rappers in Nigeria the list is almost unlimited but only feel dedicated to the game.
Only a few rap artists are in the music industry at the moment, some of them stop dropping music after years of hard work without the desired result, which is why some people switch to singing completely.

Other African countries with similar cultures and music cultures have successful rappers that are known in almost all countries of the world but Nigeria does not, this is clear evidence that some Nigerian rappers are lazy and not dedicated to the rapping music business.

Singing is simple and easy-to-understand for average people especially Nigerians

Yes, it is very easy to sing along with very slow and danceable music. Most hit music is slow and danceable, which is why a lot of people love to listen to them over and over again before they become a hit.

An average Nigerian does not like to listen to fast music, they usually want slow and understandable music. Most rap music is not slow and they are not easy to sing along with that is why the average Nigerian does not want to listen to rap music because it is very difficult to understand and sing along with.

According to Malawian rapper Tay Grin, when he was asked why there are more successful singers in Africa than rappers.

“That’s very interesting cause I had this exact chat with my producer the other day and he said it seems I am singing more with my new project and abandoning rap,” he says.
“I think that with singers it’s easier to create melodies that are very catchy and easy to memorize. Even the biggest rap songs on the continent all had catchy melodies and great rhythms. I think as rappers we tend to say too much on songs and people just want to have fun, they can’t be bothered to memorize long verses lol... They just want to dance and singers provide that time after time,” he added.


Lyrics are one of the most important parts of any kind of music, Nigerians want good lyrics that will tell a story. Singing presents music and melodies that are very understandable and easy to sing along to. On the other hand, rap music also tells a story but the method of presenting it to the listeners is a bit complicated compared to singing.

Most lyrics of Nigerian rappers are not good enough and it does not come with enough melodies which is why a lot of Nigerians are not inspired to sing along.

More focus on competitions

A lot of Nigerian rappers focus on competition more than the music business, they can drop a single just to send a reply to their haters instead of focusing on building big farm bills just like singles do.


The current trend in the Nigerian music industry is for singers at the moment, there are numerous upcoming rappers that are struggling to succeed in the Nigerian music industry but most music investors and record label CEOs do not count on rappers because they are looking
for the best and successful singers that will give them a very high return on their investment.

This is one of the major reasons why there are few rappers in the Nigerian music industry and most rappers want to become a singer so that they will have the opportunity to get sponsors or signed into the available record labels that are known for promoting young Nigerians to become international superstars.

In conclusion

There are numerous successful rappers in Nigeria but singers tend to be more successful at the moment in the country. There are numerous popular and successful rappers that are known in Africa and other countries of the world.

Dedication and improvement are among the things that Nigerian rappers need to put into their business so that they will be on top of their game and have what it takes to compete with Nigerian singles now or in the future.

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