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Tips For Making A Good Impression When You Start A New Job

Posted by Thandiubani on Thu 09th Mar, 2023 -

You have passed through Job Interviews successfully, you have made your proposal, celebrated it with your friends and now the difficult ones are starting: the first days in a new job are usually the most difficult place.

No matter how much you get ready, there is always room for mistakes that can be made. And this can be confirmed by any employee. Whatever the case, you can try to make a good impression in the first few days, which is very important as the first impressions follow you for a long time.
1.Learn to Recommend
Remember that direct eye contact and steady handshake are confident and confidence. So don't find it funny to practice in your mirror until you find the right way.
2. Be on your time
So you have to be at work a little earlier on the first day in order to show responsibility and passion for what you are going to do. Also, if you are there earlier you will have the opportunity to calm down and gather your thoughts so that you are ready. Don't wait until the last minute to choose the clothes you wear. Think about what the rest of the workers were wearing when you went for an interview and dress accordingly. Better if you are well dressed than to have inappropriate dress.
3. Be confident 
Now is the right time to prove that you are really interested in the position, asking questions that will arise from your expectations and the way you want others to see in your new position. Good research will act as a guide to ask targeted questions that will pave the way for you. Okay, it's reasonable to be a bit nervous, but if you don't trust your abilities, don't expect anyone else to have. So relax: The employer gave you the job because he believes in you.
This nervousness you feel is not necessarily bad, especially if you can channel it in the right direction. But to doubt completely, due to anxiety, for your abilities can spoil your image. Take a deep breath, relax, and keep in mind that the more confidence you show that you have, the more the young colleagues will respect you as a professional.
4. Be measured friendly
Of course you want to look friendly and gentle to your new colleagues but be careful not to overcome the line from "professional" to "staff", especially in the early days.
You can participate in discussions between workers on "safe" issues, such as a movie or restaurant, but try not to get involved in difficult and polarizing issues, such as politics. Moreover, since it is the first time you have not yet fully realized the dynamics of the new space. That's why you tried to balance between I'm inaccessible and making it flaw and making a bad impression.
5. Don't hesitate to ask questions
While, as we have written above, you want to show that you are confident, that does not mean that you have to pretend that you know everything. The colleagues themselves know that you cannot know all the processes and the way the company operates from the early days and will also want to show you the "locals". When the interview process is completed, you are more likely to be given a reasonable time to ask any questions. If you have no one, you certainly don't expect to make a good impression as this shows a lack of interest and research.
Take the opportunity to ask and learn as many things as possible. This does not mean that you look irrelevant, as that as a right professional you need clarifications to make sure you understand that things are happening there. Something that is proof and how seriously you take your new role.
6. Be careful with your outfit
You should never underestimate the importance of dressing up professionalism. It is well known that people in seven seconds are impressed by every new acquaintance we make and the way you dress can affect this impression dramatically.. Especially in the early days, make sure your dress is professional. In addition, you cannot know accurately if you will be called to a meeting with the top management or a «supervisor».
7.Get organized early
You don't have to jump straight into the deep end from day one. See your obligations and organize. Start with the small tasks, see the response they have and continue to the most important ones. It is very important on the first day to take the time to check exactly how you can work in this new space and what your strategy will be.
8. Show teamwork
Now you belong to a new team and the teams are working together to solve problems and to accomplish the work assigned to them. Recognize where you should and show new colleagues that you are reliable in what you are doing. You can ask them how to generate payslips. This will gain their trust. When you are the newest member in a company- the new one- you are sure to face a great challenge. 
You will also face difficulties and opportunities and your goal should be to use all situations as much as possible. You don't have to create the perfect image in the early days, no one does. But it is enough to be a team and friendly with fun and excitement. Beyond that, more things count, such as leverage and the special weight you get in your new job.
9. Continue to be informed of the business
Especially now that you belong to business staff you need to know as many things as possible. You can do this either through other employees or even from the business site.
10. Honesty and optimism are good supplies
As I told you, a good mood is a good first impression on others. Logic tells me that since I want people around me to have a good mood and appetite for work, that's how I should be too. Do not try to take any Statutory Sick Pay. It is also very important to express your opinion, but without offending the other person. Even on days when everything goes wrong, kindness and the willingness to try something go a long way.

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