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I’m Keeping My Virginity To Inspire Other Girls – Virgin Ex-NYSC Member Tells Her Story

Posted by Samuel on Sun 04th Jun, 2023 - tori.ng

The ex-corper, who made a social media post about keeping her virginity throughout her service year under the National Youth Service Corps program, talks about why she is vocal about it.

Justina Dauda

A 20-year-old Political Science graduate, Justina Dauda, from the Karim Lamido local Government Area of Taraba State, made headlines when she revealed she is a virgin.

The ex-corper, who made a social media post about keeping her virginity throughout her service year under the National Youth Service Corps programme, tells TEMITOPE ADETUNJI why she is vocal about it.

What is your current occupation?

I just finished my National Youth Service Corps programme. So, for now, I am in the fashion business. I sell clothes and shoes.

You made a social media post describing yourself as a “virgin corper”. How did you arrive at that name?

(I call myself virgin corper) because I am a virgin and I made a post about it. People call me the “virgin corper”. Actually, when the graduation list was published before I graduated from the university, seeing my name made me excited because it wasn’t easy for me. I burst into tears. At the age of 19, I was one of the youngest corps members from Taraba State. I got into the university at the age of 15. I was 19 when I arrived at the orientation camp. I lost my father when I was in my first year at the university, so my mum has been trying her best to make sure my needs are catered for. I shed tears when I remember my late dad.

Are you the first child?

I am the last child, the only female child. I used to have two siblings but one of them is dead.

When did you graduate from the university?

I graduated from Taraba State University in 2021. I studied Political Science.

Where and when did you serve?

I served in Kano State with the Nigeria Police Academy. I started service last year and completed service recently.

What was the service experience like for you?

Service year was fun. The environment was quite friendly even though I saw a lot of temptation.

Can you explain what you mean by temptation?

When I was broke, I promised myself not to participate in any immoral act that would make me lose my virginity. It was between me and God, that I will never disgrace my late father. I took my stand and have remained intact till now. No matter the situation, nothing will happen to my virginity.

I faced challenges during my service year. I met people who wanted to date me but sleep with me first. Some people will spoil your name and claim that they slept with you if you resist them, even when they’ve never had a form of intimacy with you.

You mentioned that you didn’t want to disappoint your dad. Did you have an agreement with him about your virginity?

Before my Dad died, I promised not to ever disappoint him by sleeping with a man before marriage, so doing that will be disrespectful to my late dad.

Why did you choose to make the post about you being a virgin public?

Well, I was over-excited because it takes a lot of discipline to be able to ignore temptations. Some of my friends actually mocked me and told me I won’t come back home as a virgin, why some were waiting to hear bad news about me. I was happy that I finished strong. There is nothing wrong with making the post public in my perception. I want to motivate young girls out there and let them know that keeping one’s self is dignifying.

What triggered your decision?

I want to serve as an example to my younger ones; I want people to know keeping one’s virginity is not hard. It requires self-discipline and determination.

It is important to be prayerful, young girls should be content as well; men nowadays want to sleep with you before giving you money. Many young girls now are not content. They want to be seen among big girls. They should also avoid early relationships. The ideal age to start a relationship is 20.

Is your decision to keep yourself intact based on any biblical instructions or just what you wanted?

I think virginity is what every woman should be proud of, whether she is a Christian or not. It is so unfortunate that some men don’t value virginity anymore. Some men will tell you they can’t marry a virgin, and that they can’t go through the stress of deflowering a lady.

Do you have a personal experience?

I have met so many men who ran away from me because I told them I am a virgin.

For how long do you intend to keep yourself?

I will keep it till I get married. I will lose my virginity to my husband.

How were you able to overcome sexual temptation from the opposite sex?

I will say self-discipline helped me. I have contentment. I am satisfied with what I have. I cut my coat according to my cloth. Prayers helped me as well. I pray for God’s guidance to help me not to fall into temptation.

Why do you think some young girls lose their virginity at an early age?

Aside from the ones that were raped, most young girls lose their virginity because of greed, to obtain some material things. Secondly, a promiscuous lifestyle is another reason; they want to look sexy all the time, and they are after material things.

They want to date big guys with money and most of these guys will not offer them anything without sleeping with them.

Some also lose their virginity maybe out of love but it is wrong to do so because it will end in regrets. If a woman loses her virginity out of love for a man, the man might end up not marrying her because he has ‘seen’ her. In my view, once a man sleeps with a woman, the respect is no longer there.

Don’t you have sexual urges?

I have never experienced anything like that. I don’t even visit men anyhow. I am a very brave woman and I don’t have urges for sex. I have been reading people’s offensive comments on social media. Some people insulted me, they even said virginity was old-fashioned but I don’t care.

Keeping one’s body is very important. It makes your husband respect you so much because he knows he is the only person that has had sex with you. I don’t think your husband will cheat on you if you are a virgin. It is also important that ladies should pray not to fall into the hands of bad men because virgins deserve good husbands. The Bible warned us against fornication; having premarital sex is a sin.

Are you in a relationship now?

No, I am not in a relationship because I have not met serious men, most men want to sleep with me, and most of them run away from me but I know the right man will come at the right time.

Were you in a relationship when you were at school and during your service year?

I have never been in any relationship, though at times when I try to be in a relationship and discover the man wants to be intimate with me, I withdraw myself from him.

What did your parents tell you about sexual purity or keeping oneself?

When I was in secondary school, my mum used to tell me not to allow men to touch me. She used to say that if a man touched me I would get pregnant. She told me once a man slept with me, I was finished. She warned me not to have misleading friends and I am happy I didn’t disappoint my mum and my late dad. When I was younger, I read books about keeping one’s virginity. In the olden days, it was a thing of honor. Before my dad passed on, he used to tell me not to allow any man to deceive me in the name of material things.


Source: The PUNCH

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