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Bad Romance: The Untold Story of Me and My Housemaid from Akwa Ibom

Posted by George on Sat 24th Sep, 2016 -

An ardent reader of Tori News has shared a real life romantic experience he may never forget in a long while. Read the interesting story below:

Household chores were always unbearable to me and the school became my viable escape route from them.

At the end of my second year at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife; Osun State, I was reluctant to return home for the lengthy vacation until my mother called me that the family had finally decided to employ a housemaid. I felt a sense of relief as I traveled home to hook up with old friends and enjoy home-made meals.

I am from a nuclear family of just two children. I am the only male child and my sister who is three years older than me was schooling in the United States of America.

I returned home so late in the night due to road traffic hassles. I met my parents and they did the usual welcome exercise that entailed showering me with massive love and attention as a result of my long absence from home. The truth is that such level of pampering is always shortlived.

My father is the gentle type but my mother apparently enjoys nagging. As I buried a large chunk of the goat meat on my rice soaked with stew in my mouth, a curvy and short female figure just came out of the kitchen. My mother swiftly introduced her to me as Imabong, the new housemaid from Akwa Ibom to ease me of my household chores' burden.

Imabong went on her knees as she called me 'Uncle Samuel'. I was embarrassed anyway as she looked like my age-mate. Imabong was looking dirty and unkempt. It was written all over her that she must have seen hard times in the past. I almost found her disgusting until she turned her back to leave. Mehn! When I saw the truck behind her, I knew my devil was about to tempt me 'three times'. Imabong's bum was naturally dancing the popular Brazilian 'Samba' dance with no beat. I have always had a penchant for big bums. She was blessed with a small waist like she used 'waist trainers' that were not prominent then.

As a popular socialite in school as well as a handsome young man, I knew it would be demeaning for me to start lusting after one dirty Imabong with a very awkward Akwa Ibom accent that could make my manhood flaccid on hearing it so I took my mind off it. In less than one week, I became obsessed with Imabong's backside as it shook while she washed my mother's car at the compound. Peeping from my bedroom window to watch her soon became a norm. She wore some nice short skirts that were obviously faded and needed retirement. In fact, they must have gotten short because of long years of service. Later I started noticing her small but firm boobs. I knew I was in trouble. It was a close shave for me. I was ashamed to share the gist with anyone considering her lowly status.
I almost approached her severally but I couldn't stand the humiliation of being turned down by my common housemaid and I could be disowned by my parents if they get to know about such disgraceful move. On my second week of vacation, I started leaving the house deliberately to avoid her in order to overcome the temptation. We spent most of the time alone as my father was always traveling both locally and internationally while my mother spent all her day at the Aleshinloye market in Ibadan selling her ostentatious women's clothes.

I endured my regular boners at the slightest sight of Imabong whose appearance started to improve day by day due to the comfort of my house and maybe regular feeding. She was clearly from a humble background.

On a fateful day, I went down the road to buy stuffs without the car using the small gate. Along the line, I met an old friend and we ended up talking for long after which we exchanged phone numbers and parted ways. As I returned home, I accessed the gate with my key and made it into the house only to hear Imabong's laughter renting the air downstairs. I wondered who was with her as my parents were away and my sister isn't based in Nigeria. I shrugged off the thoughts and opened the door only to see one tattered guy romancing Imabong on the floor of the second living room. Imabong was almost dispossessed of her clothes. She was shocked to the marrow of her bone. I am sure she thought I would be away for so long.
She ran to me and shouted "na my brother from village Uncle Sam! We just they play!! Nothing don happen abeg". I stared at their faces like I was angry and left for my room. The guy swiftly rushed out as I could hear the sound of the door behind him with Imabong panicking. I felt a sense of joy knowing Imabong wasn't as innocent as she looked. I always knew a man was around the corner manning her gigantic bum.
It was a confirmation and it gave me hope of trial. As I tried to eat my the bread I bought with butter, Imabong knocked at my door wanting to see me. She was in tears as she begged me seriously to hide her secret. She said it was the first time she was trying such and that she gave the guy a chance because they are from the same local government in Akwa Ibom. I smiled and told her to wipe her tears that I will never share with anyone. She was so excited as she hopped around my room. From that day, Imabong started worshiping me, she always felt threatened whenever she saw me holding quiet conversations with my parents. She anticipated my exposure of her secret affair.

After two weeks, I finally fell for her. I woke up in the middle of the night and sneaked into her room under high pressure. I was so horny that I lost appetite for food that evening. I entered her room and the young girl was sleeping virtually n*ked, wearing only small pant that barely covers her bum. Getting close was the first time I observed her glowing skin. I explored her body quietly as I trembled with fear of she exclaiming in shock. She later woke up and tried screaming but I covered her mouth. She couldn't believe her eyes. It wasn't her village friend but me live and direct. She was so timid but didn't show much resistance.

"What if mummy catch us?" She asked in her usual pidgin English. I convinced her my parents were sleeping. She was so scared as I approached her and sucked her breasts. It was firm and the nipples were hard. They were different from that of my usual school girls who have depreciated their bodies by warming several beds with massive body counts. She moaned softly and I saw tears rolling down her cheeks. She was scared to touch me. My fear was meeting her as a virgin. I hate virgins so much due to how much they hurt and bleed during s*x. I love the 'project' being commissioned already by another 'public office holder' lol. I grabbed my buttocks and they were softer than Vita foam. Imabong was the bomb!
All these village girls are like diamonds in the dirt that need to be discovered. Our so-called tush and cream city ladies only entice us with empty 'packaging' and doctored photos. I squeezed her bum like I wanted to detach it. I later reached for her panties. It was so wet. Imabong's v*gina was just too hairy. A village girl will always be a village girl. She was wetter than a chicken caught in a heavy downpour down there. I fingered her softly as she finally summoned courage to touch me. Imabong's breath was bad like a rat died in her mouth but I had to bear with her.

Nothing comes perfect in this world. Instantly, I wore my condom and slid in. It was tighter than a square peg in a round hole. She cried as I forced my way through. She wasn't a virgin but it was obvious it had been long since she had s*x. Deep inside of her was so warm and peaceful. It was so sweet as I could feel the grip of her v*gina on my huge manhood. She mourned and cried simultaneously. I almost stopped out of sympathy but it was impossible. I swear I was ready to continue even in the face of being nabbed.

You need to see the way Imabong was twisting her on the bed as she unconsciously uttered her native language. She was talking so gibberish. I felt like a real man. She later beckoned to me to have a change of position. She turned her back for the doggy style as she held the mattress furniture. Her bum kept bouncing like a basketball as I did justice to her from behind. She moaned aloud even to the risk of my parents hearing her. It came to a point that she came on top. She rode me like a horse on the battle field. She was gifted on bed. Imabong would certainly make a successful pornstar. She f*cked like she was observing a traditional dance, her body language had a rhythm I find inexplicable.

I finally exploded in her. She collapsed on her bed and covered her face in shyness. Then it dawned on me that I had just slept with my lowly housemaid. I shook off the feeling of guilty and retired to my bedroom. I had a cold shower and slept like a new born baby. It was a huge relief for me.

From that day onward, Imabong started showing discomfort of standing around me out of guilt. We never stopped there, we had s*x like freaks virtually at every spot in the house till I finally left for school.

Imabong later left after my mother discovered she was smuggling in other guys into the house for regular s*x. I miss her and wish I could see her again. I have made up my mind to marry from Akwa Ibom State. Tentative reports have it that their women are naturally good on bed.
I still remember the common words of Imabong which was "Akwa Ibom Ayaya!" I never cared to ask her what that means anyway.

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