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Diary of a Lagos Bachelor: My Crazy New Year S*x with an Akwa Ibom Girl

Posted by George on Tue 10th Jan, 2017 -

This is part of a real-life romance series penned down by a bachelor based in Lagos State. It is an interesting read...

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This current harmattan season accompanied with general dryness and coldness could be so teasing to the body especially down below. 
The early morning erections always refuse to go away. This tortures the brain so much and could affect one's sleeping pattern with the entire body sleeping while the manhood stands out erect like a local vigilante.
I was in Benin, Edo State for the Yuletide and my girlfriend or let me truthfully say girlfriends were in Lagos. I am not a s*x addict but I love it when it comes hot at least once in a month with me firing about three to four shots on a good Friday night after a stressful week at work. 
It is very therapeutic. Its the best way of relaxing the mind, body nerves and muscles, clearing the head and having a smooth sleep. After the strenuous s*x, make sure you have a cold-bath, drink some cups of juice or munch some fruits according to your appetite, take some simple snacks and sleep off in a well-ventilated room sprayed to eliminate mosquitoes. You will certainly feel unbelievable the next morning.
Well, after about 10 days of being horny, events got out of hand for me and I started becoming so restless. Konji has a way of messing with the brains in a million irritating ways. Since I wasn't based in the South-southern part of Nigeria, it was difficult for me to organize s*x. I just wanted fun alone. It became crystal-clear that I would have to buy s*x. I decided to exploit the facilities provided by the social media which has suffered the influx of 'runs girls'. 
Nigerian ladies have become so daring online. They don't hide their pleasure trade anymore as its no more a thing of shame. They flaunt it like oil company workers. They state it on their profiles that they are marketing their bodies. This is not so on popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter but specialized social platforms like Instagram and the rest. 
After checking her pictures; seeing her at different nightclubs, restaurants, hotels, crazy physical appearances, coloured hair, tattoos, and bikini photos, just quietly send her a direct message. 
Here is the code language; "Do you do hook-ups?" She will not take offence but simply ask about your location and message you her price tag which is always exorbitant but subject to negotiations. Try to beat it down by making a voice call to her in a very respectful tone and that might be all.
So I chatted this young lady from Akwa Ibom up. We dropped her number and we negotiated for N10,000 for two rounds. I forwarded my house address to her and she promised to show up. The deal was concluded at around 10:30am. At about 12:30pm she was already at the junction stipulated in the address. I went to pick her up. She was like the everyday Instagram girl who would filter their lives out to look good. They bleach out their complexion and highly complement the traces of being dark with a strong foundation make-up. She complained about the dust in my area as I led her to my 'slaughterhouse'. I smiled to myself as she tried to impress me. 
"Is she not a Nigerian that she is complaining about an untarred road?" I muttered to myself.
"What's your name" I asked. "My name is Favour from Akwa Ibom and you?" "I am George from Edo State" I responded as I led her to my room straight away. 
The feeling of romance with an Akwa Ibom girl was exciting as I have read a lot about their s*xual prowess which was hilariously traced to the regular consumption of dog meat just like Calabar people. My elder brother was home but I left him in the dark about my plans. Secrecy in cases like this is advisable before someone snitches on you and makes you feel like a sinner before the elders.
As she sat on my bed, her cleavage attracted me. I reached out for her boobs. They were too succulent. I even suspected 'Olympus had fallen'. She told me she wanted to use the convenience and I directed her. She stripped herself n*ked with so much ease. One interesting about her was that she could communicate well unlike some other 'marketers' who could be unnecessarily cold. She was brief in stature and her body looked so good. The v*gina was well shaved and her tommy was flat.
The strange development was that I lost my erection while getting ready for the 'bed dance'. I told her to administer a blowjob to me but she said no. As an experienced professional, she dragged me closer and reached for my flaccid p*nis. She went for my nipples which she sucked and teased with her tongue. One of her hands shuttled between my p*nis cap and my scrotum with the other rubbing my head like I was her son. In a twinkle of an eye, I became as hard as Olumo Rock. I reached out for my condom and slid into her p*ssy like a boss following the missionary angle. It was amazing to see my long d*ck penetrate a small p*ssy. She moaned quietly as the music from my sound system overshadowed her voice. She looked kinda small under me and it was as if she was going to disappear as I thrusted hard into her.
It was a nourishing feeling. In there was cool and refreshing. Due to the excitement I exploded shortly. There was a bizarre break as she impatiently waited for the second round so that she could secure her payment and leave. Runs girls are always in a haste to make money. I tried calming her down with some movies on my laptop but all to no avail. I was restless as I hid my sweat from my brother to avoid suspicions. I offered her a drink as part of my small hospitality package but when she discovered that it was a soft drink, she turned it down. She asked if I had alcohol; I laughed and told her such is not allowed in my family house.
I went to the siting room to cool off and suddenly I noticed she was running out of patience. She frowned at me and insisted she wanted to leave as she was to babysit her sister's child. Obviously, that was a lie but who cares? They are from the streets and their ways are never straight. I felt embarrassed as there was no erection in sight. I complained to her and again she said "leave that to me, I will wake it up". I must admit that ladies from Akwa Ibom, South-South part of Nigeria never get it wrong on bed. They are born to knock-out men like its a contest.
This time around she made me lie on my back as she focused on my nipples and my balls again using the same technique. As she touched me, she made me suck and fiddle with her boobs too including her honeypot. I laughed in my mind in disbelief this time around but in less than 1 minute I felt one strange power in my p*nis. It was erect again and I was madly aroused.
I wore my condom, located her small v*gina that looked hidden and started pounding hard. She seemed to be in the mood this time around.
Her eyes dilated and she moaned intermittently. She showed a little discomfort because I am lengthy down there. After several thrusts I suggested she came on top. She reluctantly did but when she mounted me like a horse, she was really in charge. I licked my lips in satisfaction with every move she made. It was then that I observed the flexibility of her waist. She was like the famous Colombian singer, Shakira and my waist was like a music stage to her. The performance was thrilling and breathtaking! 
She could heighten the tension by going so fast at times, then she would slow it down the next minute as she rolled her waist on my d*ck like she was practicing the ballet dance.
Later on, she signaled to me for a change of position. I thought we were returning to the missionary style when she gave me the almighty doggy position. I leaped for joy as she set her bum and made the insertion. With this, I was almost touching the base of her v*gina. This was painful for her but a sweet pain I guess.
She squeezed her face as I showed her how hard it is to make money through s*x. There is nothing like fast money. Despite the seeming economic prosperity, it's more difficult to make money in Lagos. Money never grows on trees.
At a point, she started dodging my p*nis like a school pupil being flogged by a teacher for late-coming. It wasn't her fault, doggy style with me was never easy for ladies. My former neighbour once experienced something close to an electrocution when I rammed into her in the bathroom during a heated session.
Well, we later switched to the missionary style we started with. My sperm was very elusive as it appeared I wasn't going to climax soonest while my strength was failing me. I found a very comfortable position deep inside of her and I fired consistently till I exploded deep inside of her. As I pulled out and looked into her eyes, I noticed her eyes were red. It was obvious she felt me. Her skin seemed to be boiling like me as she was sweating profusely. I felt so fulfilled as I cleaned up myself.
"Are you going to take your bath before you leave?" I asked. 
" yes I will have a cold shower" she responded looking confused like she was high on cheap drugs. She went to the bathroom while I left the room for a drink at the kitchen. 
In no time, she dressed up and I paid her. She sprayed my perfume and I saw her off.
While walking towards the junction where she would get a bike, she looked at me and said; "You look cool. Your brother is cool too. So when are you going back to Lagos"
"In two days time" I replied.
She looked at my face and smiled as if she was my girlfriend. "Are you not surprised that I wore this scarf to see you?" She asked.
"No I am not" I said wondering why she asked.
"In fact I like your innocent appearance. I was scared you were going to come with tattoos, crazy jeans, tinted hair, short skirt or any other feature that would announce who you are" I concluded.
She laughed uncontrollably. "I am from a Christian home oh! We are so church in my place and my people monitor me a lot".
She later hopped on a bike and waved to me. She was really a wonderful and lively person but I wasn't that impressed to see her again; she had my body but not my heart.
I walked home feeling like a boss as I felt a rush of cool breeze all over my body.  R.I.P konji and I wish there was a permanent cure for you because you have a way of embarrassing me at times lol. 

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