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5 Amazing Nigerian Breakfast Ideas

Posted by Victor on Thu 14th Jun, 2018 -

Sometimes waking up late in the morning can make it discouraging to have breakfast but don't worry here are some tips on healthy breakfast that will not take up your time in the morning.

Custard and Moimoi for breakfast
Let's face it, having a 9 to 5 can discourage one from having a proper breakfast.

Instead of having breakfast to kickstart your day, you can end up eating brunch (breakfast and lunch) that is so heavy.

What people don't know is that breakfast helps to boost metabolism and also a lot of studies have shown that people who take breakfast every day are more likely to have a healthy lifestyle.

Reasons why you should not skip breakfast

1.    Controls your appetite: A lot of people underestimate the power of their appetite, especially after skipping a meal. Having breakfast in the morning prevents you from snacking the whole morning which will give you empty calories.
2.    Energy: Remember our bodies need energy to function properly so starving yourself off energy isn't a healthy option.
3.    Mood: Having breakfast ups your mood, because when you are hungry you become moody and cannot concentrate properly. This will give you a less productive day at work.
4.    Healthy lifestyle: Even when on a diet it is not advisable to skip breakfast because it determines how you will eat the rest of the day. Remember the saying that goes “have breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince and Dinner like a pauper”. It is something to always keep at the back of our mind especially when you have a busy schedule.
5.    Nutritional Benefits: Vitamins and Minerals are abundant in dairy products, fruits and whole grains which are normally considered as breakfast options almost all around the world.
6.    Enhanced digestion: Fiber-rich breakfast help to clean out the digestive tract which is healthy for your body.

Healthy Tips for Breakfast
Sometimes waking up late in the morning can make it discouraging to have breakfast but don't worry here are some tips on healthy breakfast that will not take up your time in the morning.
⦠   A very important tip is to decide what you will eat the night before because when you plan ahead it keeps you from wasting time to think of what to eat.
⦠   Make meal preps for the week by buying a freezing food that can be warmed.
⦠   A cup of Tea, coffee or Milk is a breakfast go-to option
⦠   Fruits are one of the number one go-to breakfast options. It could be bananas, apples, grapes, pears or even peach.
⦠   Boiled egg, scrambled or sunny side up for a breakfast rich in protein.
⦠   Oats are filling and nutritious, they can also be mixed with berries and bananas.
⦠   Yogurt smoothies are so rich, it can be blended with strawberries and bananas

Nigerian Breakfast Recipes

Sometimes we actually forget that Nigerian dishes are very rich and are good breakfast options.
1.    Ogi (pap) and akara: Ogi is made from corn and akara from beans so this gives a balanced meal and can be accompanied with fruits on the side. I'm sure you are wondering how you are supposed to prepare that when you are in a hurry to go work, but if you are in Nigeria you have no excuse! There is always that one akara woman every morning at the end of your street selling fried akara, fried yam and fried sweet potatoes. So please what is your excuse?
2.    Boiled Plantain and stew: There is always stew in every Nigerian home, sorry for being too general but there is always stew. All you need to do is boil one ripe plantain you can add salt if you like, bring out your stew (stew will already contain fish, meat or chicken) from the fridge warm it in your microwave. Voila, you have Breakfast ready.
3.    Toasted Bread and Egg: Bread can be buttered with jam, butter, peanut butter or mayonnaise then it can be toasted in your awesome   convection toaster oven. Eggs can be boiled, scrambled or sunny side up. It can be accompanied with a beverage of your choice or even a smoothie.
4.    Moimoi and Custard: Buy moimoi a day before or on that day anyone that you are comfortable with. Make sure it is heated up and make your custard just like the same way you make ogi. Trust me this is one of my favorite Nigerian breakfast.
5.    Ewa Agonyin: I hear them call ewa agoyin outside and I get excited. Beans and stew in the morning is a yes for me and your added carbohydrate can be bread.

Remember no one says you have to cook all of this is the morning to have a lovely breakfast but note that the five Nigerian breakfast mentioned above can be accompanied with fruits, dairy products, and fiber to make your breakfast rich and healthy.
If you have more Nigerian breakfast ideas feel free to share with us what you love to have in the morning.

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Kristine Bakare is a passionate food blogger who loves to share cooking and kitchen tips. She also owns 93treats - a growing food blog.

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