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Newbies’ Introduction To Game Development For HTML5

Posted by Thandiubani on Fri 01st Jul, 2022 -

HTML5 is a markup language, a type of resource to arrange content on the internet and make it user-friendly.

Developing video games has never been more accessible than today thanks to various resources and programs online. What’s more exciting is the potential quality that any game can reach on platforms where it would originally be inconceivable. Case and point: browser-based games.  
For a long time, Adobe Flash was required to develop and launch any game operating on the World Wide Web (www). Games made using that resource are long gone as Adobe pulled their support but fortunately, the internet has already reached its best with HTML5. 
HTML5 is a markup language, a type of resource to arrange content on the internet and make it user-friendly. Game development is simply among the newest of its features as it wasn’t possible in its previous versions. Now, all kinds of games can be played on the internet. Here’s everything you need to know about HTML5.

Examples of successful games on HTML5
One of the simplest games developed on HTML5 is Plinko, a mini game about dropping a ball to bounce on multiple pegs to fall onto one of many slots at the bottom. The player’s prize depends on which slot catches the ball which usually ranges from 1x to 1000x. If you wish to learn more on how to play Plinko game, you may find it at online casinos along with slots and poker. 
Old games that once ran on Flash are remade on HTML5 and republished on sites like Y8. It includes puzzles, dress ups, and more with an additional capability of supporting 3D games. Among its most impressive games is Tankworld which has 3D interactive assets arranged in a farm-like setting where players control tanks to fight one another. 
Notable programs or engines for beginners 
As with all game development, having a platform to support the game you intend to make is not enough. You will need resources to help you streamline the creation process from start to finish. There are plenty of them made for beginners called frameworks. 
To differentiate them further, some are called game engines or the cluster of scripts that allow codes to interact before they become recognizable scenarios. This includes Phaser 2D Game Framework and Babylon.js 3D Game Development Framework, each one for games with different aesthetics. 
They are currently the best starter frameworks for beginners as they are both simple and reliable for developing 2D and 3D games. However, their potential is limited for creating unique experiences as this element is best done with custom tweaks rather than pre-made resources. That means assets like drawings, polygons, and input have to be made with third-party resources or simply imported from different platforms. 
Advantages of developing on HTML5
The HTML5 has two major advantages that allowed it to rise to prominence namely versatility and accessibility. Its versatility was proven during the exodus of Adobe Flash support as it has saved popular games from being erased forever. On top of that, HTML5 also opened even more possibilities than the previous popular platform ever could achieve. 
Accessibility refers to how HTML5 games can be played on almost every device with an internet connection. Most titles made for this platform are specifically done for the desktop computer but Chromium-based browsers for mobile devices can support them as well. 
Another level of accessibility that it entails is user-friendliness. As per the example above, you can learn how to play Plinko game just by interacting with its few buttons. There is one dial each for the ante size, number of lines, and difficulty as well as one button to play. Intuitiveness is the key to a successful browser-based game and Plinko is just one of many amazing examples you can play today.

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