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Why Do Men Get Over Cold Worse Than Women?

Posted by Thandiubani on Mon 12th Sep, 2022 -

In the following article, we will talk about the factors why men get over colds worse than women.

The thermometer barely reaches 37.2, and the man is ready to write a will. This situation is familiar to many and often causes a smile from the opposite s€x. Usually, ladies attribute this behaviour to psychological aspects and explain it with whims.
But the irony is not always appropriate, since doctors have proven that men and women tolerate colds differently. In the following article, we will talk about the factors why men get over colds worse than women.
The fair s€x has to do several things every day at the same time: cooking dinner, cleaning, washing, checking homework for children. All this is only a small part of what women have to do.
Men are built differently. Due to the fact that the neural connections between the hemispheres are weakened, they are unable to perform several tasks at the same time. They can only focus on one task. That being said man can barely play at the online casino in Nigeria and do other things at the same time.
Plus, the hormone estrogen often protects women from various infections. Testosterone in men, on the contrary, weakens the immune functions of the body.
That is why the so-called multitasking and hormonal features make women more resilient. They are not afraid to catch a cold, and they have to do household chores, even if the thermometer shows more than 37 degrees. 
Brain Signals
At the slightest sign of a cold or flu, men immediately lie down in bed and literally prepare to die. Do not think that they are feigning. Neurologists have proven that the descendants of the great conquerors and hunters with age receive peculiar signals that enter the brain. The thing is that from a certain moment the zone of preoptic nuclei grows significantly. It is responsible for controlling body temperature and a number of other symptoms. The reason for this is all the same hormones, that is, some changes in the production of testosterone. This is not observed in women.
All this is not idle speculation, but the results of research conducted by neurologist Amanda Ellison from the British University of Durham. She proved that men are much stronger and more acutely aware of all the changes in their own state. That is why their reaction is often painful. That is why a common cold becomes a real test for them, and the flu is like death.
Immune System 
There is another reason why cold is much more difficult for men than for women. The secret lies in the peculiarities of the immune system. Scientists from the University of London (a group led by Ramona Scotland) organized an experiment. The experiments were carried out on rats and mice, but the results obtained are also valid for humans. 
During a scientific experiment, it turned out that the immune system of males is weaker than that of females. The female body produces twice as many protective white blood cells. Plus, they reacted many times faster to infectious "aliens". The fight against the disease was more successful. That is why the females felt great, which cannot be said about the opposite half.
This is not the only experiment we know about differences between men and women. Other ones have also been carried out by scientists and we can say definitely that both s€xes have different endurance to various sicknesses. 
The Difference in Body Temperature
Another reason why we can safely say that a man is really worse than a lady during a cold is the initial difference in body temperature. The thing is that the norm for any healthy person is not at all the banal 36.6 ° C. “Good” is an indicator that varies from 35.5 to 37.4 degrees, but the figure should be stable.
Doctors conducted a series of studies and found that the average for men is about 0.5-0.7 degrees lower than for women. That is why the increase in body temperature to 37.1 ° C from the norm of 36.1 is significant. If we draw a parallel with the woman's well-being at this moment, then we can safely say that the sensations of a man are comparable to those experienced by a lady when the thermometer shows about 38 degrees.
The Bottom Line
Men and women are built differently. There are activities that men can do better than women and vice versa. Technically, we might think that men should be more resistant to cold but that’s not always the case. That is why you should not ignore the complaints of a sick spouse or friend. Even if a man coughs slightly, and the temperature is only a little over 37 degrees, he does not deserve ridicule. He feels bad. Such is the nature of men. It is better to offer him tea with raspberries, a warm blanket and provide genuine care.

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