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Nigerian Democracy And The 9th Assembly Impolitics: Issues And Prospects

Posted by George on Tue 11th Jun, 2019 -

The drama on going over who becomes the leaders of the 9th assembly is uncalled for in a country where almost everything is in permanent state of disarray (health,roads, education, security etc).

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In the understanding of afrobarometer research on democracy.  Democracy means nothing less than the food on the table of an ordinary African, the good roads, availability of electricity, presence of state of the arts facilities in our hospitals, current and modern educational facilities, good moral to the public by the Representatives of the people and more especially,good governance and respect to rule of law and constitutionalism among other crucial existential things in favour of humanity and in proximity to the less privileges.
On the basis of the afrobarometer perspectives, have we achieved all those things in our democracy? After 20 years of the said national democratic expeditions, what has the poor and the downtrodden gained over the years, despite their docility in hero support through the ballots? 
The drama ongoing over who becomes the leaders of the 9th assembly is uncalled for in a country where almost everything is in a permanent state of disarray (health, roads, education, security etc).
I will only want the mood of the celebration to be huge if our democracy has been beneficial to the populace and Nigerians in general.
No matter who becomes the Senate president and deputy senate president of the before 10th assembly, all I push and pray for is for the heavyweight on Nigerians to be lifted. The poverty, the iniquities and unemployment's rate to be reduced.
I don't really care of who becomes the speaker and deputy speaker of the pre 10th assembly,  what matters to me is how he or she would use his good offices to alleviate the pains and suffering faced by the masses(Nigerians).
The purpose of the parliamentarians and parliament is not for Political conquest but for the preservation of the trust and thrusts of the nation.
What should bother the 9th assembly is the state of our security, the poverty rate in the nation today, the divisiveness among citizens and ethnic nationalities, the call for restructuring, the Respect to Constitution and constitutionalism, the following of the enshrined federal character principles for the pursuance of equality among all facets and divides, human rights protection, end to banditry in Zamfara and Katsina state, the Boko Haram quagmire, food security, hospitable environment to the farmers, resettlement of the IDPs, separation of power, true tenets of democracy etc.
The issues of politicking by this assembly shouldn't just end on the guest to become speaker and Senate President.
After the pulling, the hauling and lobbying, the parliamentarians must live up to expectations.
The sad rumours of green cards and dollars distributions to members if true is a parliamentarian disgrace.
Vote buying or committee chairmanship buying in the house through support is not good for the nation bourgeoning democracy.
The parliament ought to be the conscience of the nation, they have the moral obligation to lead by example.
This parliamentarians must represent Nigerians. This parliament must work with the executive and judiciary for the purpose of national development.
This parliament must put Nigerians and Nigeria first. 
The 9th assembly must take critical national issues seriously.
This parliament must follow the path of the national dreams of the nation.
Every senator and member of the house must put his constituency first in his or her horse trading.
This parliament must heed to the cry of Nigerians to review their humongous and colossal allowances and take-home pay to the limited minimum.
1. It will be good that party politics will be set aside and national interest be put forth. The duo party must stand on the standpoint of nationalities of Nigeria.
2. Elect a man of unquestionable character. The leader of the national assembly must be a man or woman of great wit and grit. Wis, wise and knowledgeable. Party affiliation and persuasions must be put aside.
3. The parties must be concerned on these three prelates and cardinal issues of iniquities, poverty and unemployment. 
4. The parliamentarians must hear and listen to the voices on the streets. They must remember the stranded Nigerians, that graduate that need assistance and hope of nationhood, that woman and child that need food and medication, that trader that needs better faith in the nation, that pupil that is writing in the floor without books, that teacher that lacks instructional materials to teach etc. 
5. The parliament must put 2023 in focus. The new speaker and Senate President have core responsibilities of uniting the parliament. No matter who emerges, let Nigeria become his constituency and his party loyalty be transferred to patriotism to the nation.
Finally, democracy is best understood from the perspective of afrobarometer. The food on the table of the poor is democracy, the promotion one gets as when due is democracy to him, the prompt payment of salaries, available of jobs and a conducive environment to investors is democracy.
The 9th assembly must work with the presidency to pass into law the electoral bill for free, fair and credible elections in 2023.
I wish distinguished senator Ahmed lawal well in his quest to lead the national assembly.
Those in battle for speakership, I wish them well too. Let me congratulate the 8th assembly for their remarkable Service to the nation. I wish them success in their future endeavors.
To Nigerians, we must unite to end this impolitics instead of politics.
Yours truly,
Rwang P.S.
Department of political science, Federal University of Kashere Gombe State
11th June,2019.

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