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How My School Mother Lured Me Into Lesbianism - Lagos Girl Opens Up

Posted by Samuel on Wed 01st Apr, 2020 -

A young Nigerian lady has spoken up about how she got lured into lesbianism by her school mother.


Photo credit: Sun News

She is bisexual, chocolate brown coloured, pretty and highly intelligent.  She graduated from one of the reputable private universities in the South – west geo- political zone of Nigeria two years ago. She radiates warmth, confidence and is a delight to talk to. Here, she speaks on her journey into lesbianism, her experiences and how she does the double as a bisexual. Daily Sun  met her at a cozy hangout in the Festac area of Lagos.


You are such a beautiful girl. I know that a lot of guys hit on you daily, how about women?

Yes, they do. A lot of women find me attractive. It is a normal thing for a lady to just walk up to another lady and say babe, I like your vibe I like your physic, I want to know you more, can I have your number? I want to hang out with you. I just feel we need to see again and spend time together. I get a lot of invitations like that from women.

How do you react to it?

I am used to it. Getting such advances from women is not a big deal. But I ask myself, do I like her? I have to like you for us to get intimate. If you are the kind of person I like and I am feeling your vibe, I will flow with you. Please people should not judge women because they are lesbians. Sometimes some of these women that want a lady because you men have messed them up so it is not like they do not desire men but the problem is that they can’t get the kind of men they want. Some of these ladies could be very nice. They buy me gifts and pamper me and take care of me. What matters most is the way you handle them. If you handle them very well you can get big contracts. They could link you up and your life would be changed forever. My advice for those women who get this kind of invitations is for them to calm down and get to know these women very well. It could be a gateway to a new and better life.

Can you describe your kind of woman?

Wow! I don’t really have a spec, but neatness is something I like in a woman.  I am also attracted to women with large hips (Laughter). But over all, what turns me on most is confidence.

Tell us about your most exciting experience with a lesbian?

(Laughter) It happened a couple of days ago. A Liberian lady just walked up to me when I was talking to my guy and she took excuse from my guy and right in front of him asked me out. She said ‘hi, I like you. I want to flex you. When can we meet? Here is my card, just give me a call.’ When she said that I was blown away! She was so confident even my guy was stunned! Lesbianism in this generation is not a big deal!  They are everywhere. I felt so flattered. Imagine a woman hitting so hard on a fellow woman; I was flattered!  She likes me and would want to be with me. I felt on top of the world.   She said she just wanted to chill with me and that was mind blowing.

So, what happened?

(Laughter) That is too intimate to be discussed in a newspaper but we had fun.

How do you recognize a fellow lesbian?

Wow! There are a lot of clues. For instance, if a woman holds your gaze by looking you in the eyes for just a little too long to acknowledge you, she is most likely a lesbian.  They also have a way of toughing you if they want you. They don’t really have a particular way of dressing and they come in all shapes and sizes.

Is there any place in Lagos where lesbians hook up and could you tell us about it?

There are lots of places where lesbians hang out but don’t expect me to give you names. They are everywhere and, also at times lesbians get hookups online.

How were you initiated into lesbianism?

I can’t remember because the first time it started was when I was in secondary school. I was in boarding school then and I had a school mother. She was the one that initiated me into lesbianism. Her name is Ifeanyiwa. She used to say “ my daughter come”, and when I come, she would caress my small breasts.  And she would say she wanted to check if they were the same size. She was like a mother. Then I had just started menstruating and my breasts were very small. One thing led to the other and here I am today.

Today, our society frowns at lesbianism and homosexuality. Don’t you think it is dangerous to engage in this?

I think it is just a waste of time. The gay life style has come to stay with us. Yes, I agree that it is not in consonance with what the bible tells us, but it is our reality today. I can tell you that five out of every ten women you come across have had a lesbian experience but they are too scared and shy to open up about it. That is just the truth.

Do you have any regret engaging in lesbianism?

No, I don’t. It is an alternative life style. However, let me state that I also like men. I am strongly attached to men. So I would rather describe myself as a bi-sexual.

Tell us about the first time a fellow woman made love to you?

It was good as my first experience, but I still prefer men. My first time as a lesbian was back in the university, after I was introduced into it by my secondary School “ mother”. We were going out as friends , and little did I know she also had an inclination to sex with a fellow woman. One day, we were playing and I unknowingly  touched  her nipples. I almost wanted to apologise, before I realized she took no offence and instead she held me tightly.

I started probing and caressing her , and she was reciprocating. We were lost in our world oblivious that we were in an open corridor. A group of girls were noisily passing by, and their presence awakened our senses. We pretended we were merely playing, although, I was sure they saw us clearly. We soon retired to the room to begin what was to become a frequent sexual affair. From then, I never looked back. Women will finger you and use sex toys but it is not like the real thing. Sometimes a woman needs a real dick.


Source: Sun News

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