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Top Benefits of Early Morning S*x (Must Read)

Posted by George on Tue 01st Dec, 2015 -

Partners making love is a very important aspect of marriage. Doing it very early in the morning which is the peak period when men are naturally activated in the pleasure realm is an absolute plus.

It has been discovered that men are capable of having s*x and enjoying it at any opportune time and place. It is so easy for men to do so because of their physiological make up. Men have been said to be like a helicopter when it comes to s*x. They are easily aroused, and can taxi, and take off like a helicopter, without a runway. Therefore, for men, sex can be said to be an anytime affair without prior intent.

However, men still have a time that makes sex most suitable for them. Experts in this field have said that males’ best s*x time is in the morning. According to s*x therapist, Dr. Arlene Goldman, co-author of Psychology Today Here to Help: Secrets of Sexual Ecstasy, “Many men are on their horniest first thing in the morning.” Though you may not feel like it, doing it in the morning can be amazingly hot for you as well, even as a woman.
Your man’s best time for s*x is in the morning due to a biological reason that is known as testosterone. After a night’s sleep, the level of testosterone peaks. And testosterone is a leading contributor to s*xual feelings in men. Testosterone is a steroid hormone that stimulates the development of male secondary s*xual characteristics.

Apart from this, most men wake up with fully aroused body because blood circulation to the p*nis increases overnight. But men don’t look down at the rod in the morning, thinking “Oh! That’s just my junk doing its thing.” Rather, he sees an erection, and wants to put it to use, instead of letting it “be at peace” or deflate. What is on his mind is to strike the iron while it is hot. So you’ve got to understand why he is ever-ready the more in the morning for s*x.

And you don’t have to spoil the fun for him by closing up. Rather, you should take time to learn a few tricks on how you can make the day a memorable one for him, while you also take a bit of the action. You will be surprised about how much fun will get out of such an early morning exercise, especially when you do not have the luxury of jogging around. So, spare him the fun of that good morning s*x. It will help him to maintain sanity in the face of temptations (especially from the secretary or the tea lady) as he goes about his job in the office or around in the town. Morning sex is not all about him, you can also derive great fun from it.

In most cases, especially when you’ve not learnt the techniques of enjoying the morning s*x, s*x in the morning is the farthest thing on your mind. Thus, your man may be highly criticised for feeling like it in the morning, especially for the religious mind that wants to wake up doing the first thing with her God, that is, prayer and praying. To such a one, s*x in the morning becomes a sin or a taboo. But when you have learnt how to enjoy the “good morning” s*x, you stand to derive great fun from it as well.
According to a therapist, “When a man has higher testosterone, and he’s well rested, he has more energy during sex and that energy will make him last longer for the pleasure of his woman”.
Furthermore, it is also a great way of keeping him thinking about you all day long instead of flirting around in the office. So, find out ways of banishing those uns*xy “I just woke up” feelings so that you can enjoy the good morning s*x. One way to help you play along is to fresh up a bit. It makes you feel like it, stay alert and ready to get in the mood.
According to Goldman, you can tell him before the action starts you give him 30seconds to get ready for some mind-blowing sex. You can then enter the bathroom to get refreshed and take care of whatever may be making you feel “uns*xy.”
Position that make morning sex enjoyable for women. Since women may not have lots of energy for s*x in the morning just because their partners have, couples should adopt positions that are easy, but still make hitting the right spots in her a topmost priority. For example, spooning is an ideal morning position according to s*x counsellor, Trina Read, author of “Till S*x Do Us Part”.
Many people sleep in the spooning position, and thus make it easy for him to fondle the breasts, and also touch her cl*toris. Another position you can try is “man on his side, woman on her back, “with her legs over his hips to have him enter you”. In this position, your bodies will form a “t” shape. This position is helpful if you have not brushed your teeth yet, because you are not facing each other, according to Read. It also puts him in at the perfect angle to hit her G spot with ease. 

There is a magic in an early morning sneak attack on him. An early morning s*x attack on your husband could be highly rewarding, and a special surprise package for him, once in a while, or on special occasions such as wedding anniversary, his birthday, Valentine’s Day, or to end a quarrel. It will drive him to the peak of appreciation you may better imagine. 

Surprise him by waiting for him till he enters the shower, then position yourself naked on the edge of the sink, or the door, or on the bed. When he pulls back the shower curtain, or opens the bathroom or bedroom door, he will be thanking God for you for understanding how to be creative in giving him s*xual pleasure.
Sure bet: an all day thought about you that will drive him to his wits end of nice acts, including a gift of a lifetime. I can assure you he will definitely reciprocate as soon as possible. An early morning s*x attack on him is one coup for which you will not face the firing squad. Rather, it will earn you extra credit for being a worthy friend and lover of your spouse.
A trial will bring you great reward both in kind and cash. I’m sure you will feed me back without sharing your reward with me. Meanwhile, I’m sorry I have to go for now, it‘s almost morning time as I write, and I don’t want to be left out of the morning action today, due to tiredness. I love to reward my husband with that early morning attack for being there for me always. See you next week, and remember our secret: it’s only for your married partner.
Culled from the Nigerian Tribune

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