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We Have So Many Problems In The World Because People Eat Meat And Fish - Archbishop Makes Stunning Claim

Posted by Samuel on Sun 26th Jul, 2020 -

Archbishop David Irefin speaks in an interview with Ernest Nzor, on his religious group and the Coronavirus pandemic.

Archbishop David Irefin

Archbishop David Irefin

Chairman, International Missionary Crusade Fellowship, Archbishop David Irefin speaks in an interview with Ernest Nzor, on his religious group and the Coronavirus pandemic.

What does brotherhood mean in the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star?

Brotherhood of the Cross and Star is the new Kingdom of God on earth firmly established by God Himself in fulfillment of Daniel 2: 44. Brotherhood means oneness and peaceful co-existence of all creations of God. Brotherhood means God, Christ, angels, human beings, animals, fishes, birds, ants, wind, sun, moon, stars, the sky, etc.

In fact, Brotherhood means God and all things created by Him put together and Christ as Head. Thus, Brotherhood is not a church, society, cult, movement, etc. The Founder, Builder and Sustainer is the Supernatural teacher, the Sole Spiritual Head of the Universe, The Holy Spirit Personified Leader Olumba Olumba Obu.

Why does His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu emphasizes love and vegetarianism?

His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu says that love is the bedrock of our salvation. Accordingly, love rules everything in heaven and on earth. The earth dwellers are ignorant of the fact that evil begets more evil. Obu maintains that all the problems facing human family including the ravaging Coronavirus emanate from lack of love at the level of family, village, cities, countries and organisations. To Him, love is the embodiment of all things.

Love constitutes mercy, humility, patience, kindness, endurance, longsuffering, forgiveness and the ability to live peacefully with one another. Love is God and any person that possesses love automatically possesses God. Such persons would never harm any member of the human family. If you love God, you will love Christ, and love all creations of God.

Contrary to seeking love, the rulers of this world, religious leaders and their followers are pursuing, hate, retaliation,  manufacturing weapons of mass destruction and social discrimination  which lead to destruction. In addition, Olumba warns that irrespective of colour, religion, sex, social status, or achievement in life or tribe, lack of love translates to eternal damnation.  While love refers to the absence of hate, division, killing, stealing, discrimination, death and suffering.

On the other hand, vegetarianism is a divine injunction from the Almighty God (Gen 1:29). Leader Olumba Olumba Obu says there was never a time God ordered man to kill and eat animal or fish. Accordingly, all those who abide in love cannot harm any God’s creation. All the troubles in the world that hinder the human family from knowing God and obeying Him results from eating meat and fish.

Continuous disobedience to God’s inunction will always lead to sickness, calamities, diseases and death. Leader Olumba Olumba Obu affirms that it is better to obey God and experience peace, joy, good health, eternal life and prosperity than obey angels, prophets, spirits and messengers and be condemned. Thus, to escape God’s judgement and further calamities, the earth dwellers should embrace love and vegetarianism as way of life.


Source: Leadership

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