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'Orishirishi Shooshaa Media Activists in Naija' - By Amadi Nnamdi

Posted by Thandiubani on Fri 28th Aug, 2020 -

Amadi Nnamdi tackles social media activists who are there to benefit their individual pockets while feigning to work for the people.

Amadi Nnamdi
Amadi Nnamdi
In Africa, Nigeria is the most blessed country when it comes to statistics of different kinds of Self-styled Social Activists.
This my observation analysed herein stands to be corrected anyway, but carefully read and understand my analysis of this ugly trend. 
Truly,  we have Good  Activists who stand for what True Activism is offline and Online.
But you see on this street of Social media a.k.a Shooshaa-Media. especially Facebook, Instagram and Twitter eeeeh....hmmmmm.
We also have plenty #orishirishi Activists.
I will highlight some of them here.
Please don't feel offended or personally attacked when you find yourself on the top of any of the Tables I want to shake today.
...but you are free to still feel offended or attacked,  L🤣L.
Afterall Nnamdi Amadi was #bankrolled by the #Spirit_of_Table_Shaking to post this analysis. 
Below is a Highlight of some of them:
We have the "#Hypocritical_Activists".
The ones who come out here to claim holier than thou. But when given or placed on the same platform as that of people or things they condemn, you see the "real humanbeing" in them.
You find out they are worse.
These are people who are so guilty of all the things they have come out on Shoosha-Media to condemn and attack ferociously.
For example, the types who couldn't even render  good Account of their stewardship in  Church Leadership offices, Islamic institutions or even Campus Associations Treasury duties. Etc...but they come on Shooshaaa Media and become Finacial Prudence & Accountability Senior Advocates of Nigeria.
(These ones?
Na only God dey see and judge these ones oo!!!)
#The Hungry_Activists: These ones na #Anywhere_belle_Face.
Give them Chicken-Breast piece or the Lap piece and they will sing Halleluyah-Hallelujah for you!!
When you see them shouting CBN or NNPC etc are on "Looting-fire", you will think they are really concerned about the country's squandered economic infrastructure or the masses, noooo way, they have a selfish interest in the sad event. 
"The Yam they are roasting there will be over-burnt by the fire". 🤪. Ndi oshi!! Conniving criminals!!!
This category of "Activists" support people or issues that butter their bread. When you see them shouting wolf, be rest assured that their meal ticket or bone has been threatened. You will see them spewing  fire and brimstone. 🤣.
My People,  "Na them"!!!
We also have - #The Ethnic Jingoist Activists: 
These ones, their other name is "Touch Not my Anointed Tribe/Ethnic Group".
This Particular type of Shoooshaaa Media so-called Activists are the ones who hate evil, injustice, crime, wrongs, corruption etc but once someone from their Tribe/Ethnic group is involved....hmmmm, it is  a different kind of ball game. They begin to rationalize and rack brain anyhow to sound "ethnically correct" like when some evil Politicians want to sound "politically correct". Lol
They never see anything wrong in negative activities of people from their beloved State or Tribe.
But you need to see them been ferocious when people they dont like or people from other states or tribes are  involved in the scandal. 
They become Mountain of Fire Ministries Yamaha Loudspeakers 🤣🤣🤣.
Next in line is - #The_Religious_Fanatic Activist category: These set of Activist-people ?hmmmm.
My CountryPeople....hmmmm, these ones? They are not from this world oooo.🤣🤣.God Almighty Created them from the planet of their Place of Worship.
These ones are The Soldiers of their Religion on Social Media.
You dare not say anything negative about their Faith or place of worship or Their Religious Leader. 
I say you dare not!!!
Else the "Real Activist in them will jump out".
For example,  this kind of Activists champion Anti-Rape campaigns oooo.
They are always in the lead in calls for quick and effective arrest and prosecution of Rape suspects, but once their Imam, Priest, Pastor,  Prophet, Mallam, Daddy G.O, Babalawo etc is involved in a Rape Scandal, Gbooooooom!!!! okpooooorshim (LMAO)!!! 🤣.
Come and see new grammar, defence and reverse logic. Their tune and tone change immediately. 
We know them!!!
Just hapu okwu. Vutuo!! (Leave their matter) .🤣🤣
#Next Please🙅‍♂️!!!
#The_Partisan_Activists :
These ones? Hmmm
Their bias for their preferred Political Party is above this world.🤣.
"Bad is Bad" only when people from the other Political Party are the Actors in the "Badness".
For them Corruption is "Good Governance" when their Party or preferred Politician is in control but it is evil when the reverse is the case. 
Their hypocrisy no be here ooo.🤣🤣.
It is really not of this world.  😇😅
The Last  but not the least...
This category eeeeeh, na the ogbologbo of them all. Infact, some School of Thought will sum all the above mentioned "Activists" into this Folder /Group.😆
Na the ogbonge ogbologbo of them all. I  caption them as #The_Unstable_Activists. Or better put,   " #Climatic_Activists" because they are so unpredictable and unstable like weather/climate condition.🌍⛈🌤🌥🌦🌧🌨🌩☀️🌘🪐. 
Their Principles in Life are Seasonal. Lol 
These are the ones that are still confusing thunder up and down. 
Stay one place with your principles, mbaaaanu!! (No, No No).
Today, they are moralists, tomorrow they are "Liberal".
Today they are criticising and campaigning against Big Brother Naija Show,  Tomorrow they still start updating us on their status about the Housemates & their escapades & sexcapades.You will see this set of Critics revelling the memory of  how one  Mr #KidWaya #wired one Miss #dERICA Tomato and how one #Laycon laid sulking and crying on the sofa broken-heartedly, like a little boy who just broke his favourite Crayon. 
....and bla bla bla. 🤷🏽‍♂️
Today, they hate and condemn a particular behaviour or thing on "Shoooshaa-Media" but tomorrow,  as soon as their Loved one, favourite Celebrity,  Man/Woman Crush, idol, role model, mentor, or Bestie...etc is reported to have exhibited such bad behaviour or associated with that particular thing they previously condemned,  voooooooom!!!
They make a volte-face.
Quick U-turn. Infact Formula-1 Drivers dey even learn work where these people dey.🔄⛔.
#Yesterday, they said  "Black is Black", 
#Today they say "Grey is the New Black". 🤣.
Huncles/Hanties, please stay one place and stop confusing thunder ooo!!! 😭🤐😇😴🤣.
The little I know about Social Activism is this, it is an altruistic  thing.
It calls for serious stability and consistency of opinion/stand on issues that affect the general wellbeing of the society, except wavered  by superior argument or emerging facts.
You cannot continue to be Hot & Cold in same cup of a sociopolitical discourse or issue.
You are either In or Out.
Indifference is a distant safe choice though.
Like the prolific Author, Motivational Speaker & Life Coach - Lady Jane Chris Ezetah will say "#Be_Consistent" ‼
I cap this sarcastic Analysis piece with this apt description of a real  "Social Activist" by Google.
According to a simple Google search;
"Social Activism is an intentional action with the goal of bringing about social change. If you feel strongly about a cause and are working towards a change, you could be considered an activist. An activist is anyone who is fighting for change in society... Social action work is a way to meet the goal of social justice".
In summary, 
I drop this rhetorical question for #us all; "Are You A Social Activist, Where do you fall?
Your Answer is your food for thought!!
I am eating mine!
Hate or Love me for the fact I have tabled here, #I_choputas_not!!!
If You Know, You Know!!!
End of Discussion!!!!!!!
Written by Amadi Nnamdi

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