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Married Woman Reveals What She Saw After Tracing Her Cheating Husband to a Widow’s House

Posted by Thandiubani on Fri 26th Feb, 2021 -

A woman has been left shellshocked after tracing her cheating husband to a widow's house.

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A woman has been left shocked and flabbergasted after tracing her cheating husband to a widow's house.
According to her, she has been suspecting him of cheating.
She wrote;
“My name is Rebecca popularly known as Becky by friends and family. I grew up in a very rich home. I was one of those privileged kids that were born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Being the only child of my parents, they spoilt me with good things and loved me to a fault.

Not that I was arrogant or anything, it was just the way I was brought up. I never knew there was anything like hardship. I had everything I wanted in abundance. I was buttered and carried like a fragile egg.

My parents out of fear that I won’t be able to cope with any man who wasn’t above average, made sure that they got me married to a man who has so much money. His name is Ikem. Though it was an arranged marriage, our love for each other was real and kept growing every day. I became the apple of my husband’s eye.

Ikem was very much aware that my parents chose him because of his wealth, but he didn’t care because he loved me so much.

But after seven years of marriage, I became very worried. Ikem became a changed man. He came back late from work, hardly eat at home and never looked me in the eyes. I kept asking him what the problem was but he said nothing.

I began to monitor him and noticed he always went to visit one widow. This widow attended the same church with us. She was very pretty and young. This made me panick. Could it be my husband, my dearest was cheating on me? Tears rushed down my face as I thought of this. I went down on my knees and prayed to God it wasn’t true. I loved my husband so much and wouldn’t want to lose him.

I decided to secretly follow him the next day. I wanted to put am end to my fear and curiosity. He left as usual and I went after him. When I got to the house, I peeped through a window. I saw my husband placing his head on the woman’s lap, and she was rubbing it!

I was shocked, this was followed by anger. I wanted to leave immediately but my legs refused to move. Then my husband started taking. He was actually crying!.
He said;
‘Clara, am finished, totally finished!. What can I do without my wife? Am lost without her. Am a nobody without her. Life is meaningless without her. I don’t have anything again. My businesses have collapsed. I know she married me for my money, what will she do if she learns am now a poor man?’

The widow kept talking to him, telling him to be strong. Then she brought out a large amount of money and gave him. Then he left.

I was so ashamed of myself. My husband was going through depression because he was afraid of losing me, I was busy thinking he was cheating on me. But didn’t he know I love him so much? Doesn’t he know am not with him for what he is but for who he is?

I confronted him the next day. We both wept when we finally resolved our issue. I promised never to leave him no matter what.

Today, eight years later, money is the least of our problems. We have all that money can buy and God has blessed us with four wonderful children. May His name be praised.”

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