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Nigerian Woman Finds Out Her Bestfriend Is Sleeping With Her Husband

Posted by Thandiubani on Wed 17th Apr, 2019 -

A woman has been left in a state of depression after finding out that her best friend is secretly sleeping with her husband.

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A woman has been left in a state of dilemma after discovering that her best friend she tells everything about her life is sleeping with her husband.
Read the story shared by Cynthia Valerian Raphaels:
"Good evening, madam you haven't posted for days now. Please use because of me and come online because depression wants to take my life please. I met this lady on Facebook before we became friends real life. She is married too. I use to post our family picture and even tag my husband. She is not my husbands friend on Facebook and I was even thinking I was safe. We discuss everything, as in everything. I am a free spirited person and I don't hide any thing from her. It's 5 years of our friendship . I even borrow her money and she does pay back, some I just wave them aside. It all started last year when my husband started acting funny by asking where I went to after staying at my shop, I will be like, when did this one start? I was at the shop through out. I was even surprised when he came one afternoon to check on me. I was in the training room with my apprentices when he barged in, immediately he saw me, he remembered he had 3pm appointment and left after hugging me. All of a sudden, he broke our rule of no password, saying some bank important clients messages are on his phone and the rest. I didn't complain. The next one he started is men now flock around my Facebook pictures. That I am now snapping and posting to impress Facebook men. That I should delete some male Facebook friends of mine. I handed him the phone to do the blocking for me to have peace. He blocked 67 men on my list. I didn't complain, all of a sudden, if I come back, he will go through my call logs and ask me who owns the unknown stored number that called me. Some of my customers call and I forget to store their numbers. His uncalled for behavior became a problem for me. This marriage is heading to 14 years . I started noticing some of the female talks I have with this lady, I end up hearing it in my husbands mouth during any little disagreement. It will shock me but my mind didn't go toward them having anything because they are not Facebook friends.

Only for last month, she came to my shop and asked me asked me to sow a cloth for her that she will wear on her wedding anniversary coming up this Easter . In my shop, we sow men wear too. So she was there, I was talking with a man who brought some senator wears for sowing and after the calculation of how much he will pay, he made a transfer and added 10k on top for me and said that's for your Easter. I greeted him and he left. Even told her to see that luck shined on me today. Only for me and my husband to quarrel over his late nights and he told me that I have started prostitution with my tailor business where men dash me money anyhow. I was like, where is that coming from. I still called her and told her what transpired between I and my husband. She told me that my shop girls must have been speaking with my husband at my back. I told her nobody in my shop has my husbands number. she said to me, I trust people too much that is the reason I play blind to these apprentices of mine.

Madam Cynthia, my husband called his mum on Wednesday night when we got an urgent message that she isn't feeling well. He just got back from work that time, so mama told him to hand me over the phone. As I was greeting mama, he went in to shower. He told me after speaking to mama that I should turn the phone off and plug it for him. When mama cut off, as I was about switching the phone off, a message came in. " you should be home now, is she back ". I looked at the sender, it was my friend. I didn't believe it. I rushed to read their messages, it was too many and they have been sleeping together and she screen shot the messages I had with her and send to my husband. Even where I told her that my husband has body odour but I am helping him stay neat and how we went to hospital for it. These are women talk, I didn't even know she told him everything. Her husband is on social media and she is the person managing the mans account because even in my presence she opens his Facebook account and block the ladies disturbing him. I was not able to screen shot anything because my husband kept asking if I have plugged the phone for him. I can't get hold of his phone because I don't have the password. Since that day, I started getting scared of even my shadow. Who will tell me that what I saw aren't true ? I still have her lace with me, she called me yesterday that she will come Friday and pick them up. I need advise because I am losing my mind. I want to seek for advise first before any action. I can't even tell my mother this. She warned me about female friends. I have gone to her house once. What should I do ? She is 43years, I am 42 years. My husband is 50years."

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