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American Woman Accuses Nigerian Husband And His Alleged Mistress Of Stealing $50,000 Intended For IVF Treatment (Video)

Posted by Samuel on Sun 07th Jul, 2024 - tori.ng

The lady lamented that she worked on the road as an independent insurance adjuster for years just to save the money for IVF, adding that Samson was the only person who knew that she had the money, knew the password and had the key to access the safe where the money was kept.

 Samson Adewale Adebisi

A woman from the United States has accused her Nigerian husband, named Samson Adewale Adebisi, of conspiring with his alleged mistress to deceive her and fraudulently obtain $50,000 meant for her In vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatment.

The lady lamented that she worked on the road as an independent insurance adjuster for years just to save the money for IVF, adding that Samson was the only person who knew that she had the money, knew the password and had the key to access the safe where the money was kept.

She alleged that Samson is a part of a larger ring of Nigerian syndicates that plot to scam American women through marrying them or having relationships with them.

She disclosed this in a video posted by an X user Chi Chi (@Sugargists) on Sunday, calling on fellow American women to start talking and reporting their similar experiences to the police so that the scammers can be held accountable for their actions.

Narrating her experience, she said, "I've said this repeatedly and I will keep saying it, I worked for years on the road as an independent insurance adjuster for years saving money for IVF for my IVF journey that I’ve known that I always was going to have to do.

“This man in 10 months has come along and taken that complete amount of 50-something thousand dollars that I had saved up for the IVF journey.

"I had found out that Samson Adewale Adebisi was having an affair with this particular Nigerian woman, and I asked him to leave the house and upon him leaving the house, I had found out that he had been stealing from me, already small-small amounts out of the $50,000.

“I'm guessing at that point to impress her or already have a plan in place for himself upon leaving with my money. And so, I asked him to return, at that point to get all of these things from my house once I realised that he was stealing from me.

"And at that, point upon him coming back to the home to retrieve the rest of his belongings, I was not present at that moment. I was in the parking lot of our complex, on the phone, discussing with my best friend the incident and what was going on. At that moment, still people have to understand that I was still in the midst of the marriage, in the mindset, right. I did not understand that I had a household enemy around me the whole time. I did not know that.

"This is what this man does. He's a part of a larger ring of Nigerian men that are in groups that sit around on WhatsApp and they discuss what to do and how to plan to do this to American women, marry them or enter into relationships with them and then defraud them in some way or whatever they have this tangible or some sort of asset so that they can get scammed or leave these women heartbroken, desperately in deep financial circumstances, and definitely emotionally and psychologically abused.

"I want to be clear about this, that I am speaking out because most victims don't speak up. They're ashamed. They're humiliated about what happened to them. And that allows you to be further victimised, right? Because you're backed into a corner of shame by yourself, because you feel like you don't want the world to know what these people do to you or what they've done to you.

"And then you know, you don't want the judgment. You don't want to hear that thousands would have, should have, could have, why didn't you do this? And so absolutely, you know, we should protect ourselves as women, but when you're in a moment, and a situation of trust of this is your husband this is somebody that's going with you to doctor's appointments, that is your most private and intimate things.

"This is somebody that you're putting down on paperwork and position to trust that if something were to happen to you, this is the person that would make decisions for me because you believe and you're being led to believe and you're being situated in position and psychologically, you've given him a reason to believe that you're in a real marriage with this individual and this person.

"Samson Adewale has repeatedly lied that he did not take and steal from me and that is a lie. In my circle of trust was God, myself and my husband. He's the only person that knew that I had the money. He knew that word, as the key was to access my safe where the money was, and he was the only person I had shared that information with, because unfortunately, I expressed it again that I was in a marriage that I was in a lifelong commitment that I was truly with someone who loved me the way that I loved him.

"I told him I had some money in April, when I was going to have surgery at Memorial Hermann Hospital. If something happened to me, of course, I wanted my husband to be okay. I knew his circumstances here. I knew that he was here undocumented, without papers that he was just here on a student visa. And that I knew that I was the sole financial support except for the fact that he was working illegally under someone else's documentation for home health agencies. But I never received any of those monies from that.

"He was channelling the money into Bank of America and Chase accounts that I did not know about. So all of this is deeply painful, it's hurtful, but I am determined to let everyone know what this man did to me. And on top of that, Samson is washing or cleaning the money stolen from me through his Nigerian mistress. Her name is Damilola Cole.

"This woman has opened accounts for him and she is channelling the money through it. They have been purchasing items and reselling the items on websites with the money taken from me. At this point, I want people to know what was done to me. I don't want this to happen to any other woman as well. So I want to reveal what they did to me. I want everyone to know what he did to me. I am unafraid, I am unashamed, and I'm here to tell you.

"I don't care because it takes me every single day to do a video. I'm going to get this out to as many people as possible to tell what they did to me. Samson Adewale stole over $50,000 from me; the money I've worked hard for. I have a baby, a child of my own, what happened to me in 10 months should not happen to anyone.

"You can leave absolutely; a person has a right to decide that they don't want to continue on a journey with someone and into marriage or leave and go and be with another woman. That's absolutely fine, but you don't get to take and steal from me. You don't get to take from the hard work that I've done to position myself to have a child and leave with my money.

"I do not know where Samson Adewale has left to, and he has stopped communicating with me. It was until I jumped on a tech talk and on a live recently to tell my story, to tell what happened that he came out to defend himself to say on a live he did not take my money.

"He then disappeared, I don't have a phone number on him, nothing. So if you didn't take any money from me, if I'm your wife, why did you stop communicating with me? Why don't you? Why haven't you come and said anything to me?

"These situations have got to stop as American women. We have got to start telling our stories. We've got to start acknowledging what's happening to us and step out of the shame. We’ve got to start going to the police and reporting these incidents so that these scammers and these men who do this financial psychological abuse to us can be held accountable for their actions."

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